Monday, December 04, 2006

Sample Nanny Share Agreement

With apologies to my loyal regular readers (who may or may not all fit in a single taxicab without using the front seat), today I'm posting the nanny share agreement we used back in SF. I mentioned it on the North Side Parents Network, and a lot of people have been emailing me asking for copies. Don't worry, we'll soon be back to our regularly scheduled programming of cute Nutmeg photos and pregnancy angst.

Sharecare Agreement date


We have all agreed to the following guidelines for our nanny sharecare arrangement. This agreement is subject to change at any time with the agreement of all members and the nanny. Any new sharecare members or employees will become co-signers as well.

Conditions of Care

Care is 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Thursdays and Fridays. Care at any other time can be arranged directly between a family and the nanny.

Care takes place at the -- home, unless other arrangements are made. The -- will provide a clean and safe environment for play, and store any needed equipment such as strollers and booster seats. The -- do not allow smoking in their home. They will notify other members if guests or animals are visiting the home.

Each family provides their own children's food and snacks. The -- provide beverages including whole milk, juice and rice milk. Sharing of food among the children is allowed, except in the case of dietary restrictions. The nanny does not provide food for the children. If any supplies need to be repurchased, the parents will leave money for the nanny to do so.

The nanny keeps all children in her sight at all times unless they are in the crib.

The television is never on when the children are awake.

The nanny avoids phone conversations while the children are awake.

The nanny speaks only Chinese with the children.

The nanny may take the children anywhere in the city to play. However, the nanny will notify parents when she takes the children out of the neighborhood by public transportation. The nanny will not transport the children by car or taxi except in emergency.

Nanny compensation and work conditins

The nanny is paid $9 per hour per family for share care. For solo care, the nanny is paid $12 per hour.

While the children sleep, the nanny is entitled to at least one hour of rest.

The nanny will not work federal holidays, but will be paid $18 an hour on any federal holiday she is scheduled to work. At Thanksgiving and Christmas, she will have two paid days off each.

Starting in April 2006, if all members are satisfied with the nanny's work, she will receive two days' paid vacation, to be taken at a time agreed upon by the nanny and all members. In each subsequent year, she will receive an extra two days' vacation, up to a maximum of six days.

The nanny will undergo annual renewal of her CPR certificate and TB tests, and will be compensated for these costs by the parents. If the nanny would like to take other classes such as first aid, the families may agree to cover tuition.

Late, sick and vacation policies

If a parent will be late picking up or dropping off a child, she will notify the nanny as soon as possible. The nanny will stay late when necessary, unless she has another engagement. If she has another engagement, she will warn parents in advance so they can make sure to be back on time. Alternatively, the first parent to arrive at the -- home can volunteer to care for the other child until his/her parent arrives.

If the nanny works more than 10 minutes late, she will be compensated for an additional half hour's pay by each parent who has not returned.

The nanny will notify each parent by phone as soon as possible if she will be late, preferably no less than 45 minutes before her scheduled arrival.

The nanny will not work if she is suffering from a contagious illness. She will notify all parents as soon as possible if she is sick, if possible by the night before she is scheduled to work. The parents will decide on a case-by-case basis whether they want to hire a temporary replacement nanny or care for the children themselves.

If the nanny needs to leave during the day for any reason, she will contact the parents. She will under no circumstances leave the children in someone else's care without getting all parents' permission.

If a child is sick, the parent will notify other parents and the nanny the night before if possible.

The nanny will care for a sick child, but not if the child has a fever. If the child develops a fever during the day, the parent will return to care for the child.

Parents will notify the nanny and other members at least 4 weeks in advance of vacation or other scheduled absences. Likewise, the nanny will notify all parents 4 weeks in advance of a scheduled absence.

If one child does not attend, the remaining parent will pay $12 an hour. The non-attending child's parent will compensate the paying parent $3 an hour. However, such days can also be traded; for instance if one child misses a day in March and the other misses a day in April, no money need change hands.

Leaving sharecare

When a family is ready to leave the sharecare arrangement, she will give the nanny and other families as much notice as possible – one month at the minimum.

If the nanny will leave the arrangement, she will also give at least one month's notice.

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