Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Pregnancy Update, 34 Weeks

Can I just say that if there is an athlete in our family, it will be Filbertine? Because at 34 weeks, this baby is doing the long jump, the javelin toss and seems to have installed her own set of uneven bars and possibly a vaulting horse in there. Depending which direction she faces, the result is either amusing puppies-in-a-sack type belly movements, or an "Oof" as she locates my kidney, liver, lung or, well, to be honest, I don't know what all those organs are, but I know she is touching something with nerve endings in there. Sometimes jumping on it.

My belly button has reached the Midpoint, where it neither goes in nor out. Last time around it stayed there. We'll see if I become one of those women this time whose navels can be seen through their shirt at 10 yards away.

And, I am saddened to announce, that the famous pregnancy belly itch seems to have arrived today. Merry, merry!


Bert said...

Pregnancy belly itch? How weird is that?! I'm totally rooting for continued innie, but I'm sure an outie would look marvelous on you, as well. Especially if you're scratching it.

Moxie Mom said...

34 weeks, congrats

I had an outie the size of jupiter, yuck