Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Help Me, Roomba!

I somehow talked Epu into pooling his Christmas money from grandma and grandpa with mine so, with the addition of my birthday money from same, we could buy a Roomba. Yesterday I brought it home. As per instructions, I charged it for 16 hours for its first charge-up, even though the "fully charged" light was on by morning. I couldn't wait to put Nutmeg down for her nap so I could pick up the living room and vacuum! There's a sentence I thought I would never type.

There were a million pine needles on the floor, because our tree seems to have stopped drinking water and is getting dried out. Last night we removed any breakable ornaments and tipped the thing on its side so Epu could saw a new cut in it -- no easy task. I'm not sure if the tree rescue attempt worked because it still hasn't guzzled much water today, but I can tell you that the Roomba is picking up the needles. Thank God, because I was getting really sick of sweeping them up. It does seem to have problems with the tree stand, though -- it keeps trying to mount the tree stands legs as if it were a randy dog, and a moment ago it stopped entirely because it was wedged up against the tree stand.

It's been going for about 20 minutes. I am so excited! Gotta go pick up debris from other rooms so it can move on when it finishes living room.

Roomba update, 1.5 hours later: Sadly, Roomba ran out of power before it finished the living room. It got rid of a lot of the pine needles, but in the end, I think dealing with the Christmas stand got the best of it.

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Notta Wallflower said...

H wants to get a Roomba. I keep resisting. Maybe it would help motivate me to pick up more. :-P