Friday, December 01, 2006


No, I'm not at Dairy Queen. I'm steeling myself to venture out into a real one. We woke up to find our pine trees and apple tree well frosted, the faces of the buildings across from us caked, and enough of it flying around to make our window look like a snow globe. The TV says there are 2 inches of it on the ground.

I have to take Nutmeg and go babysit this morning. Since we joined this babysitting coop, we have rarely gotten offers to sit for people and we are actually in debt for all the babysitting we have used. I just called the home of the family I'm supposed to sit for, hoping they'd say the mom has decided not to go wherever she had been planning to go.

Annoyingly, the dad said the mother had just left for some other activity. I guess the original thing had been cancelled, but she didn't have the decency to check with me to see if I wanted to stay home. Oh well, it's less than 2 miles to their house and there are tire treads to follow on the roads around our house. I think the Subaru will be able to make it out of the alley.

Update: We got there and back ok. It really wasn't as bad as some days we've had driving in Lake Tahoe. Here's a pic of Nutmeg with her first ever snowman:


Unknown said...

TOO MUCH CUTENESS!!! ...and you better not be pulling that sled, young pregger lady... ;)

of course, i just did this with the porkchop and the paloma too and was just about to post the pics. must see chiropractor this weekend.

Carrie said...

No, although I was considering using the sled to transport Nutmeg around the neighborhood instead of a stroller when walks aren't shoveled. You're right though, that might be painful.

Epu had the huge stroke of luck of having the day off work today due to an office move. So he was out there playing with her.

Bert said...

Which one's the snowman?