Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Power of Suggestion

In our hypnosis for childbirth class, we've of course been talking about the power of perception and cultural perceptions. For example if you talk to women around the world, Americans will tell you childbirth is a lot more painful than say, Swedes will. This led me to notice something else while watching tonight's FANTASTIC episode of "Grey's Anatomy." So many of the commercials tell me that I'm having pain or I can't sleep. Or both at the same time. Back when I was a business reporter, I heard a lot of tech entrepreneurs talk about "finding pain points" -- they meant they were searching for some kind of problem that they could sell a product or service to fix. Drug companies are just out there creating pain, or convincing people that their pain is more serious than it really is.

Speaking of, well, let's say discomfort, the heartburn fairy has arrived for me, big time. This, and the fact that little Filbertine's feet have started tickling the inside of my ribs, tells me my uterus is getting on up there. The midwife says it's 29 centimeters high, perfect for 29 weeks of pregnancy. This baby seems to be just as active as Nutmeg was in there. It's so funny to have what feels like a bag of squirrels squirming and banging around inside me.

After a few days of having trouble falling asleep without the bippy, Nutmeg seems to be back to normal for both naps and bedtime. Thank god. Oh, and here's another installment of "Nutmeg Says the Darnedest Things."

Me: Nutmeg, do you know what Thanksgiving is about?
Nut: (without a moment's hesitation) Pie.


Moxie Mom said...

Wait a second? It's NOT all about pie?


That's adorable!

That's fascinating info about pain. This from someone who has a lot of it from time to time and only wants verification that it's there. You are right. Sometimes the TV reminds me, hey you with the arthritis—you're in pain remember?
I never looked at it that way

Notta Wallflower said...

I'm relieved to know that Nut knows the true meaning of Thanksgiving. :-P

I watched Gray's Anatomy last night too, and was very depressed afterwards. Usually I expect to be uplifted by this show and Desperate Housewives, but that wasn't the case for either show this week. :-/

Unknown said...

i'm with the nut...

pie makes the world go around.

i am thankful for pie.

and grey's anatomy... i CANNOT WAIT for the next episode!

sometimes, after i read your posts, i think about getting pregnant again...

for a whole 5 seconds... you are my hero! :)