Friday, November 17, 2006

Oh, Life

My SF buddy Ho told me once that the REM song "Losing My Religion" is known in Israel by its first two words, "Oh, life." Incidentally, the same song is known in my dad's mind as "Changing My Religion." But the reason I bring it up is because I had one of those days that makes the Israeli title seem especially apt.

The day started off with my daughter peeing all over the bathroom floor in a battle of wills over whether she would use the potty or the toilet. She hasn't used the potty in ages, but it was still around. I told her she couldn't use it because I already had enough housework queued up for the day without adding in a reprisal of the old "clean out the potty" routine. I put it away on a shelf, she peed on the floor. Checkmate, mommy.

She was pretty good during the Friday morning program we go to at a local public school, and through a trip to the toy store for a birthday present. Lunch was only of average messiness. But then she wouldn't take her nap. I must admit that she's still a pretty good kid when she doesn't nap. She stayed in bed absolutely quietly for an hour while *I* took a nap. After that she called out to me periodically until I gave up on the nap, and then she was pretty cheery the rest of the afternoon and evening.

But I was just worn out mentally. Just because it's the end of a long week, I guess. I managed to keep her occupied in not-too-messy play at her pretend stove while I got the kitchen clean enough to start supper preparations, but by the time I was throwing supper together, she had moved into Mess Up House Mode. She got into some sand that came home from her art class this morning, and it ended up all over floors in several rooms. Many other things also wound up on the floors.

I was counting the minutes until 7:15, the earliest time Epu typically graces us with his presence. But a little before 6, he called to say he was going out for a drink with coworkers. I sighed. He promised to make it quick.

But here's the happy ending: He actually did make it quick, and got home in time to put the Nut to bed after I finished bathing her. Then he made the bed, did the ironing for our family portrait tomorrow, brought me a drink of water and started the dishwasher. And while I can't say he provided me with much adult conversation before disappearing into his office to play video games, I'm looking forward to an entire weekend of writing workshops at Northwestern while he hangs with Nutmeg, so what the hell. I'll admit it, he's a good guy. Besides, I had a nice chat with the scheduling clerk at Nutmeg's pediatrics office today, so I'm good.


Unknown said...

you are such a trooper! when i had a similar day - i really did - urine floors and all... i think i cried and i mean CRIED for hours...

have fun at your workshop! i'm so jealous!!! can't wait to hear about it!

Kori said...

Man, I wish I could have stayed home last night longer to chat with you. I hate days like that. The thing I hate the most is when I review my day and realize that plenty of things went okay or better, but (in my case, at least), I couldn't quite rally around them enough to have them turn my exhausted frustation around. It makes me feel like I'm a failure in a "power of positive thinking" seminar, or at least a "gratitude awareness" workshop.

Speaking of workshops, HAVE FUN THIS WEEKEND! You deserve it, chica. :)

Notta Wallflower said...

Your post reminds me of how isolated I felt when K was very young. My heart goes out to ya. I'm glad you have a chance to get out this weekend, even if it's for (gasp) learning. :-P

Bert said...

It's been crazy with visiting relatives at my house, but they leave today... of course, I leave tomorrow for Thanksgiving. But, after that, I'm up for all the adult conversation you can handle! :)