Thursday, November 09, 2006

In the last week, I embarked on two projects that make me feel like I'm going for a graduate degree in parenting. Epu and I started a hypnosis for childbirth class with a local doula we might hire, and I started the preschool search.

So far the hypnosis class has been mostly a refresher for me, except that the class discussions are reminding me of all the mental conundrums that hypnosis and childbirth still bring up for me. I still have no doubt that hypnosis will help me give birth and I really think taking a new course and having a hypnodoula* could make my second time around better than the first. But at the same time it is hard to sit in a class where the teacher is talking about how childbirth is not inherently terribly painful without thinking, Oh yeah? Specifically, I struggle with the question of how to prepare yourself for the unexpected in labor while focusing on positive imagery, an ideal birth scenario, etc. I asked the teacher about this in class, and her response was that the alternative to having a specific ideal birth in mind is to say, "I'm so afraid of being disappointed that I won't even try," in which case you're setting yourself up for failure. Personally, I think it's more than an either/or thing. Of course it is. I really want to explore how you can approach birth with a positive attitude but still somehow prepare yourself to deal with the unexpected. I do think having a doula there, instead of having to rely on tapes, will help with that.

The preschool search started this weekend because the Northside Parents Network hosted its preschool fair. I attended and picked up so much literature -- from glossy multi-page books to single-sheet photocopies -- that my heavy bag gave me a sciatica flare-up on the way home. At home I threw most of them out and narrowed it down to seven to nine schools to tour, in addition to the two public grade schools I've already visited. It may sound like a lot, but since we're not exactly sure where we'll be living next fall, I have kind of a broad geographical area to cover.

Today I toured the Waldorf school. We probably won't apply there -- too expensive, too far from where we'll probably be living, and the application deadline is Dec. 1, way before any of the others we're looking at. So of course the preschool there looked dreamy, with kids gathered around the table making soup with fragrant vegetables, and other kids playing with the Waldorf play stands and cloths. I love how they group kids of different ages together. I think we're gonna do a parent-child program there in the spring. And at least I've seen this preschool as a benchmark of a really good one. And as for all that cultish weirdness, I hardly think my 3-year-old would notice even if they do bring it into the classroom. Or course, they didn't even mention anthrosophy during the tour or the q&a, and nobody asked about it. They did talk about eurythmy a little bit, but they make it sound something like yoga.

Next week, I tour one of the Catholic school preschools. Which cult will we like better? (Sorry, Catholic readers.)

* My friend Hollie always says that Hypnodoula sounds like a really fun dance craze. If only she could live up to that in the delivery room.

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Moxie Mom said...

Good luck with the Binky Fairy! We tried that with Phoebe and it worked. Positive vibes out to you

I know nothing about hypno-birthing but odds are you will have better support with an actual PERSON there to help if the unexpected (whatever that may be) happens.
I agree, it sounds hard to keep a positive mind while being open to the unexpected.

Not up on my anthrosophy or eurythmy. Checking Webster's now.