Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The Enforcer

Nutmeg is in a Target shopping cart, which she apparently sees as a guard tower or perhaps a lifeguard's chair. Two aisles away, someone shouts to a friend.

Nutmeg: (In her loudest voice) Be quiet! We're in a store!

A moment later, a little girl runs down the aisle.

Nutmeg: "No running!"


Bert said...

A bossy girl after my own heart! Unfortunately, as a grown-up, I'm not allowed to use my bossy voice in public. Can I borrow The Nut to take on the bus with me, so that she can order everyone to behave, and I can ride in peace?

Unknown said...

she needs to get a bigger voice and maybe a bigger stick... the paloma is still running up and down the aisles!