Sunday, November 26, 2006

10 Most Exciting Nutmeg Moments of Past 2 Weeks

It's been too long since I've posted, because Nutmeg has been a nonstop cavalcade of cute and exciting, sometimes too exciting, and now the details are all escaping me. Here's a little top 10 list of big moments for all of us in the past couple of weeks:

10) We got a Christmas tree today and put on the lights. It's not even December yet, the temperature may have reached 60 today, and Nutmeg has already told me that she "loves Christmas." Me too.

9) For my birthday, I got a 3-visit package for prenatal massage, and a date to Second City. Second City was soooo good, and I am very proud of myself for not peeing my pants at any time during the show. The massage was good too, although the therapist warned that what he did to my sciatic area would actually aggravate it for a few days. Only with "a lot" of massage would it actually feel better. Um, thanks. I did feel a little sciatica on BOTH sides in the day or so after the massage, whereas I only had it on one side before I went in. But it was pretty mild.

8) We had family portraits taken to get a Christmas card shot of Nutmeg, and we also tried some "maternity photos." Nutmeg is so photogenic and a ham to boot. She loved being in the spotlight at the photo studio and spent a lot of the session running around in circles, which the photographer somehow managed to turn into cute pictures. I wasn't so crazy about most of the "maternity" shots. It's like, yep, there's my belly. Also seems to be a symptom of the self-aggrandissment of pregnant couples and our elevated sense of one pregnancy's importance in the world of 8 zillion pregnancies going on at any given moment. But maybe that's just me.

7) Nutmeg had a ball at both grandparents and a great-grandma's house for Thanksgiving, even though she didn't touch a bite of the meal. She was saving room for the ice cream that comes next to the pumpkin pie, because, as she said, "Ice cream is what I'm thankful for."

6) Later she amended her "thankful" list to include maple syrup, but she could not be persuaded to find room for "her family" on the list.

5) We tried to take family portraits last week, but just after we all showed up at the studio carefully coiffed and dressed, and were posed for the first shot, Nutmeg threw up oatmeal and milk on my shoulder and all over the photographer's set. To make us feel even worse about the situation, we realized later that it must have been our fault for serving her oatmeal that had been sitting in the fridge for an unknown duration.

4) After all the vomit was cleaned up, Nutmeg resisted leaving the photo studio because "I haven't had my picture taken yet." When we told a friend about the incident the next day, he was disappointed that we didn't get any vomit-in-action shots, because THAT'S a Christmas card image that no one would forget.

3) After being babysat for a particularly enthusiastic set of fellow parents, Nutmeg informed me, "You don't love me." Wylie's mommy, apparently, really loves her.

2) Hearing church bells last week led us to have one of those deep conversations.

Nutmeg: Is that our church?
Me: We don't go to church, honey.
Nutmeg: Why don't we?
Me: Well, because we don't believe in God.
Nutmeg: Why don't we?
Me: Um, well, we just don't.
(short pause)
Nutmeg: Are we bad?

1) Tonight, Nutmeg and Epu are playing "101 Dalmations." He's Pongo, she's Perdy, and I'm "The Mean Old Lady." Why is it that I have to be the Onceler if we're playing The Lorax, the Old Sow if we're playing The Three Little Pigs, and now The Mean Old Lady? Am I truly evil? Well, if she thinks I'm evil now, wait until she's going through puberty and I'm going through menopause.


Bert said...

One of the things I really love about your recounting of your parenting of the Nut, is that you're generally so good-natured about it. And god or whomever help her when she's in puberty and you're in menopause. Hormones a-plenty (especially with Filberta in the mix)! Actually, come to think of it, I sort of feel for Epu on this one...

Anonymous said...

I am not sure which future conversation with my children I look forward to more... the "birds and the bees" or the "god is just pretend" .... maybe, by the time my kids are that age (30 weeks PG with my first, a son, right now...) you will have already blogged about it and I will be ready with all the ammo I need...

~Rae-Anne from Maine
(no, we don't know eachother, I stumbled across your blog when I googled 'blogs about pregnancy'... :) thanks for the laughs!!)

Notta Wallflower said...

Ha, ha - moms always get to be the meanie-heads. I'm glad you have a healthy outlook on things, because it probably won't change. Dads are for fun. Moms are for everything else. :-/