Monday, October 02, 2006

We Are Chicago People Now

Yesterday Nutmeg, Epu and I climbed in the car and drove an hour or so to a farm where we paid for the privilege of picking apples off of trees, bought a $12 pie, and took dozens of photos. It was awesome. We went with Hazel's buddy EJ (now with real walking action!) and her mom and dad. The weather was brilliant and perfect and the whole day was superfun. They had pumpkins, too.

Picking out pumpkins

Pumpkin Queen


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Ian Varley said...

Man, I am SOOOO jealous of you guys. This is my favorite time of year to be up north. Down here, it's in the 80s and muggy. :(

Bert said...

This is what I most miss about autumn weather. Picking out pumpkins and going to the apple orchard were always in my top five autumn activities. (Just after Jumping in Leaves and Cider Consumption.) I'm a bit jealous of your actual seasons.

Miss you and the Nut.