Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Just In Case Anyone Needs to Know...

With the holidays (and my birthday) coming up, I started thinking about what presents I might buy people, and of course what presents I might fervently wish for. And since my in-laws came today and made enough food for a week, I actually had time to sit down and do a little wish-listing for myself and the baby.

So if anyone asks, I now have registry lists under my name on Babiesrus.com and on Amazon. The baby list truly is a wish list, since a) showers aren't customary for second babies and b) I know that most people prefer to buy cute little outfits as baby gifts even though we are having another girl and have plenty of clothes. But there are a few bigger-ticket items that we could use this time around.

I think I'll be getting exactly what I want for my birthday from my husband, though. Not that, perverts! Please, don't shatter Nutmeg's future belief that her parents have never, ever done that kind of thing, despite the fact that she is biological evidence to the contrary. No, I told Epu yesterday that I'd like him to send me for a pregnancy massage as a gift. Then today, at my 27-week appointment, I told the midwife I was getting sciatica. Her advice? Pregancy massage. Yay!

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Bert said...

Hooray for massages! And also for wish lists! Whatever did we do before the internet told our families and friends what to get us for special occasions?