Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Hey, I Just Remembered I'm Pregnant

I tipped the scales at 160 this morning. That's more than I have ever weighed in my life, by a long shot. That's a gain of 16 pounds, at 23 weeks of pregnancy. If I gained a pound a week for each of the remaining 17 weeks that would be a total of 33 pounds, which is of course more than I want to gain and more than my midwife said she'd like to see me gain. With the Nut, I gained a total of 17 pounds, and I think my weight at delivery was 147. But on an encouraging note, it looks like I stopped gaining weight with her sometime around 31 weeks. If that happened again, I'd end up at 25 pounds, right on target.

Not that I'm freaking out about this or anything. After all, my low weight gain was a concern with Nutmeg, and now I have nothing to worry about. And my final weight was artificially low due to those 5 pounds I lost during morning sickness, something that didn't happen this time around. But I am already starting to feel unweildy. And kind of wondering why I'm gaining so much this time. I'm on my feet most of the day between Nutmeg and housework. I've had a good appetite but I feel like I've been eating relatively healthy. Maybe it's those peanut butter granola bars that Mommylu turned me onto. But I'll give those up when they pry them out of my 500-pound hands. With the jaws of life.

Another wierd pregnancy note: Last night I had this continual stomach-ache all through my abdomen, like a dull, continuous menstrual pain. It continued most of the night and I even had a hard time falling back to sleep after one of my many bathroom breaks. In the morning it was pretty much gone, although I still did not feel that great. I managed to not freak out, but of course my mind was full of images of 1-pound premies that fit in the palm of your hand, if they survive at all. Crossing the threshhold to 23 weeks -- the minimum age of premie survival -- isn't much of a comfort with those images around. But -- and maybe I'm jinxing myself here -- I just don't think that would happen to me. I'm sure I just overdid it yesterday. And yeah, I'll call my midwife if it happens again, but honestly, my most realistic fear is that I'll exaggerate my symptoms and end up on bedrest. With 17 weeks to go and a toddler? Ai, ai ai. Can't happen.

Now that I've used all my blogging time to fret about pregnancy, I'll have to tell you about Nutmeg's fun trips to "school" next time. Stay tuned!


Bert said...

Girlfriend, you take it easy. Or else I will show up at your door and lift your 160 pound-self up and drop you on the couch. And then, I will feed you peanutbutter granola bars and make you put your feet up and watch Who Wants to Be Millionaire with me. So.. be careful.

Kori said...

Well, I don't think you're going to have a preemie, either. You're in great shape, have no history of pregnancy problems, you listen to what your body needs, etc. I see why you feel like a jinx, though---I'm sure no mom who's ever had a baby with any adverse circumstance ever thought it could happen to her. On the one hand, you want to be confident, and trust that your body will do exactly what is meant to do, because 98% of the time that's what happens. But on the other hand, you don't want to say too much---it's just a superstitious time.

BTW, you look great. I couldn't believe you were as far along as you are when we saw you this weekend. Dump the scale---you know your extra weight is going to fall off once you're nursing. :)

Oh, and sorry about the fattening granola bars. Never trust the snacks of an overweight friend, I'm afraid. I can't provide reliable work-out routines, either. It's just not my strongest area. lol

Carrie said...

Oh Bert, please don't do that, that sounds so terrible. And Kori, I love those friggin' granola bars. I don't really think it's them. They have about the same amount of calories as a can of Coke, and I have pretty much given up the Coke that I used to drink every afternoon. Also, I remember your blogs from your fitness push before you had EJ, and I'd say you ARE a good source of advice about workouts. I was totally amazed by how smart you were about the whole thing and how well you did.

My mom, the labor and delivery nurse, called and told me that pain like i was experiencing is caused by being dehydrated. So last night when it happened again I forced down about four glasses of water. It actually worked, but then of course I was sloshing around and felt like barfing. But honestly, "like barfing" is better than "like going into premature labor."