Wednesday, October 04, 2006


The delivery company Danby is using just called me to schedule delivery of my dishwasher. But get this. They will only bring it to the curb. The woman on the phone seemed incredulous that no, I couldn't have my husband stay home from work in order to receive delivery. After thinking about it while reading Nutmeg her three prenap stories (advantage of toddler wanting same stories day after day: you can think about other things and read them at same time) I called them back and asked if the crew could load the dishwasher into my car if it was parked in the front of the house. The lady said ok.

Then I called Epu to complain and he suggested having them deliver it to our garage door in the alley. Um. I guess I am retarded. Obviously that would be the easiest thing to do. They are going to call me 15 minutes before arrival tomorrow so I guess I'll just tell them then to come to the alley. Of course, their window is only 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., and of course, they'll arrive just at 1 p.m., making Nutmeg miss her tumbling class for the second time in a row. She hasn't actually been to the class yet, since this is week 2.

When I ordered the dishwasher, the damn thing was delivered to my kitchen. I told the delivery company this, but what are they going to do about it? They deliver things to curbs.

Yeah, I'll be writing a long letter to Danby after this, and no, I don't see what good could really come of it.


Kori said...

Okay, I have a devious suggestion. Greet them downstairs looking visibly pregnant, toddler in tow. Wear something that accentuates pregnancy, stick the belly out, throw one hand on a hip and use the other to rub the belly in a motherly way. Say something like, "Our kitchen is right up the back stairs---would you prefer to go up the back or come through the front?"

Then, if they can't pull that off, have them bring it to the garage.

Work that belly, baby!

Bert said...

I find it ridiculous that a delivery company won't carry heavy things for a pregnant lady! For goodness saek. I agree with Kori. Work the belly, honey! They couldn't possibly look you in the navel and say no!

Bert said...

I meant, of course, for goodness SAKE.

Notta Wallflower said...

You know, service has gone down the drain in this country. There were things like that that happened when H and I moved into the place we're in. I just shake my head because of the ridiculous-ness of it. I think it's never a waste to write a complaint letter. Even if they don't do anything about it, at least you have done what you could instead of just accepting poor service.