Friday, September 01, 2006

We push ourselves ahead

The End of Summer (Dar Williams)

The summer ends and we wonder where we are
And there you go my friends with your boxes in your car
And you both look so young
And last night was hard you said
You packed up every room
And then you cried into bed

But today you closed the door
And said we have to get a move on
It’s just that time of year
When we push ourselves ahead
We push ourselves ahead

In the California years, this song always reminded me of home, and now that I'm back in the Midwest on Labor Day weekend, I'm feelin' it. Labor Day meant nothing in SF, except maybe the start of the nicest weather of the year. Here, I was set to ignore it -- after all, this is a place where the seasons mean something, and summer lasts until Sept. 21, goddamn it. But last week, I found out that all the fun summer stuff in Chicago -- the pools, the beaches, the water playground we recently discovered just blocks from our house -- closes after Monday. I panicked, thinking of all the fun summer stuff I hadn't done yet, and vowed that this week would be a whirlwind of outdoor water fun.

Well, the water came through -- it poured rain the first three days. Thursday, we made it to the water playground despite the fact that it was only about 70. Today, it was too cool for any of that. Apparently, I didn't get the memo -- summer up north ends a week BEFORE Labor Day.

And even though the cool weather is gloriously SF-like, I was sad. But now I'm getting excited about my first dramatic change of season since coming home. I always felt disoriented by the lack of distinct seasonality in California, and with the change coming on here I do feel us pushing ourselves ahead. Nutmeg is signed up for two classes that start in September, a tumbling class through the parks system and a music and movement class. She's weaned, potty trained, and looking forward to becoming a big sister. We're getting ready to ditch the pacifier. We'll be attending a preschool fair and touring a couple of local gradeschools. We get to do Halloween in the Midwest, and Nutmeg's pumpkin is growing fat in Grampy's garden.

Although this cool stretch of weather probably won't last through September, the real cool-off is right around the corner. I really need that to happen, because I've outgrown all but one pair of shorts and all my maternity clothes are winter/fall. At 18 weeks I've already gained 9 pounds -- more than half of my entire weight gain last pregnancy. I've been feeling Filbert move for about a week. He/she's pushing ahead too, feels like.


Notta Wallflower said...

Ack - you're making me miss my hometown. I was there this weekend, and like your area, things close because fall (and ultimately winter and snow) is coming. I miss four seasons... You're not missing much here in this area, except for fires and road closures.

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