Friday, September 29, 2006

So many things to tell. Where to start? Oh yes, cute pictures. I was hoping to get a shot of Nutmeg walking down the aisle at the wedding, escorted by her daddy, but I am told the professional shots won't be in until DECEMBER. What a photographer in this day and age could be doing to some photos that long is beyond me, but there you have it. So here are a couple meager offerings:

Nutmeg practices the aisle thing.

Nutmeg is naughty in church.

And here's the Nut and Daddy late in the evening, just before she asked to go back to the hotel:

About having a 2-year-old as flower girl: If you have zero expectations, it'll turn out fine. Nutmeg was so naughty at the rehearsal that the priest -- a seemingly funny, easygoing guy -- asked me sharply to "please control" her. She wouldn't stand and hold my hand as I waited in the long, long bridesmaid line (this wedding had 8 attendants, 2 ushers and a flower girl) and she certainly wouldn't practice walking down the aisle in a straight line without running, hopping, or sitting on the kneeler, which she thought was an awesome seat. I was feeling pretty frustrated. The one thing she seemed ready and willing to do -- scatter rose petals on the aisle -- the church's wedding coordinator told us was not allowed. It's true that we had to wake Nutmeg from a nap in the car to bring her to the 5 p.m. rehearsal, and that everyone else was giggling too.

After the rehearsal, Epu and I each gaver her a stern talking to about how church is a place for whispering and being quiet -- she'd never been to a church before that I can recall -- and told her how we expected her to behave the next day. At the dinner, she received a bride Barbie from the bride, which we told her we would open only upon arrival at the church the next day.

In the car on the way home, Nutmeg was still confused about the flower petals. We had all told her she would drop petals, we showed her how, and now we were telling her it was not allowed.

Nutmeg: I think dropping flower petals is permitted.
Me: No, peanut, it's not permitted.
Nutmeg: I think I can handle it.
Me: Oh, honey, it's not just you. Nobody is allowed to drop flower petals in that church.
Nutmeg: Dropping flower petals is permitted for adults only.
Me: No...

The next morning, my parents drove her back to Milwaukee and got a little lost looking for the church. When they finally got to it, Nutmeg got excited, told them, "This is the church! Stop!" and then got mad when they passed it, even though they were just going to park. As soon as they stopped, she lobbied to open the Barbie doll. Once we had her dressed, we had her do a practice walk down the aisle, all by herself, with me hovering a few feet behind. She did great except for sitting on the kneeler. I reminded her that the kneeler was only for the bride and groom.

Nutmeg: When I am an adult, and I get married, then I can use the kneeler.
Me: Sure, if somehow you end up Catholic. Wouldn't Mommy be surprised by that?

The solemnity of the ceremony, her fancy dress, and our lectures seemed to have worked on her. She stood nicely in line with us bridesmaids, and after her Daddy, an usher, was done seating his own mother, he took her hand at the back of the church. She was supposed to go after the matron of honor and best man, before the bride. When the time came, Epu launched her down the aisle, and she walked, clutching her flowers -- very slowly. After a couple of minutes Epu worried that we were holding up the wedding, so he took her hand and walked her the rest of the way up. I know she could have done it all by herself, but the image of Epu walking our baby girl down the aisle is one that I will always treasure.

And hey, it looks like Epu might get to walk two daughters down the aisle in due time. I had another ultrasound at my prenatal appointment this week, simply because I was disappointed about not finding out the sex for sure. The midwife who had snuck me into the ultrasound room said that the baby did indeed look like a girl. She even saw those three straight lines indicating such, not just the lack of the boy part. This news has thrown us into a new round of name spelling and pronunciation discussions, but I think we may have it figured out. Like everything else, Nutmeg has a very strong opinion about the name, and that has been factored into the discussions.

Finally, I got a call from Danby this morning, and my dishwasher is going to ship today or Monday. Supposed to be here next week. Not that they offered to express it or anything. By the way, turns out that Herb did send in the sticker the second time around, but he sent it to the wrong place. Well, Herb, I'm sorry it had to end this way with us. That's just the way it is, sometimes.


Bert said...

What a great story! I laughed out loud at the part about Nutmeg turning out Catholic. :)

She's growing up so fast! She's so responsible and, as usual, articulate! The part about Epu walking her down the aisle made me cry just sitting here thinking about it.

Congrats on Girl Number 2! Allie Almond? Cathy Cashew? Can't wait to hear all the news in person!

Notta Wallflower said...

Nut looks so cute in her dress. How disappointing for her that she could not throw flower petals, after all that practice. It's so hard to explain to a young child about things like that - they expect something to happen, then it doesn't. I'm surprised the priest was so terse. It sounds like Nut did pretty well for a two-year-old, especially when the actual wedding happened.