Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Sick Day

This morning Nutmeg woke me up asking, "Mommy! Is it time to go to Miss Melissa's class?"

She loves her "dance" class (aka crawling through hula hoops and playing parachute) so much. But she was still sniffling and coughing from the cold she came down with at this weekend's wedding, and I feared the evil eye the other moms would give me for bringing contagion into the idyllic kingdom of Miss Melissa. So we're staying home. At first Nut was pretty distressed, but now that she's ensconced in front of Sesame Street, eating Letter of the Day Cookies, she seems to be coping.

I'll write about Nutmeg's performance at Aunt Julia's wedding after I have some good pics to post.

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Bert said...

Poor Nut-head! Feel better!