Friday, September 08, 2006

Miss Congeniality

"Did you bring your camera?" a grandfatherly gentleman on the other side of the park bench asked me this afternoon.
Sadly, I had not. A few yards from us, Nutmeg was making a new friend, another 2-year-old named Katie. The two of them were walking all over the square hand in hand. It was most likely the cutest thing going on in the city of Chicago at that moment. Katie and Nutmeg also did a few rounds of "Ring Around the Rosie," singing the lyrics as best they could, and Nutmeg survived a hug that turned into an inadvertant tackle. With a little prompting, they asked each other's names.
Cute, cute, cute. It's nice to see Nutmeg developing socially as well as intellectually these days.
Speaking of intellectual development, here's her latest: This morning she was mimicking her Dora book, telling us that she was going to choose a certain path through the "spooky forest." Which path?
"The path with the lion," she said.
"Yikes," I said. "That sounds like a scary path."
"Nope. The lion is in a cage -- and it's stuffed."

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Notta Wallflower said...

That is so sweet - I'm glad Nut was able to find a friend. :-) I'm a bit envious of your moments with your daughter - they are so precious.