Tuesday, September 05, 2006

First day of "school"

Nutmeg started her new music and movement class, and she is going to marry it. She looooooves it.

And it's giving me one of those great opportunities to observe my child alongside five other 2-year-old girls (for some reason there are no boys in the class). Although it's nice, as usual, to see how impressed the other moms are with her verbal development, I have to say there are things about Nutmeg's behavior that make me wonder. Is she just delightfully different, or is she weird?

Let me set the scene. Nutmeg and I are a few minutes late to class, and as I'm taking off her shoes, she hears the teacher leading the kids through a pretend cookie baking session. The second I get her shoes off, she bounds into the room, arms in the air, and declares, "I wanna make cookies!" Loudly. While the other girls need prodding from their moms to participate (understandable, it's the first day), Nutmeg needs help corralling her enthusiasm. Waiting her turn is not something she naturally does without me holding her back. Then, there were periods of the class when she was not participating because she was dancing around and making funny noises in front of the full-wall mirror. She also had her first episode of "talking in class," when she sat down next to another girl while the teacher was talking and pulled out her all-purpose conversation starter, "What's your name?"

When the class ended 50 minutes later, she cried a little and told me, "I don't WANT to go home!"

I vacillate between admiration and amusement of my exuberant daughter and concern that she's going to go into first grade and beyond constantly calling attention to herself, jumping out of her desk to dance around, and drifting in and out of paying attention to class when it suits her. Which sounds a lot like what I was like in school (minus the dancing around) and I had lots of problems there. Of course, this was her first day and she was *very* excited, so hopefully she'll settle in a bit as the class goes on. And also, just participating in classes like this with me there should help her learn how to behave appropriately in class. I hope.

Oh, hell. Even if this kid does have problems reining herself in as she gets older, she LOVES life. And it's a joy to see, at least until she joyfully tramples some poor kid. Or teacher.


Anonymous said...

man, I haven't been over here in ages! How are you feeling? Anyhoo.

This sounds a lot like Elliott. He has his cautious moments for sure, especially at playgrounds, but he's also LOUD and exuberant and I also wonder if he'll ever figure out he's not the center of the universe.

Many teachers frown on the loud kids in class, unfortunately. Especially girls. It's too bad. I know it was hard for me to be pegged the loud girl, or weird, growing up. I guess a little bit of peer pressure to conform isn't a bad thing. You learn how to be polite, and wait your turn to speak and all that. And then at some point, you realize your unique, and you seek out the other freaks. :)

Notta Wallflower said...

Aww, she's also just 2, so if I was the teacher, I'd cut her some slack. Personally, with all the attachment issues I've seen lately, it's refreshing to hear of a kiddo who can separate from her parent. I'm glad Nut likes her class. :-)

Moxie Mom said...

I'm glad the Nut likes her class too.
She's not weird. She just hasn't needed to learn conformity—which is a crock, conformity, that is.

It will happen to her eventually but I say stave it off as long as possible.
Phoebe has always had this self-confidence about her that I never had. I want to be like the Nut and Phoebe when I grow up.

Bert said...

I think you're right about her getting to know the rules of being in class now. She's a smart cookie and will pick up easily on what the expectations are of being in a classroom situation.

I admire her excitement and fascination with all new and wonderful things. She's a gem. You and Epu are rockin' the parenting house.

This also makes me curious about how Filbert will be. Is he really a boy, now, by the way?

Mommy's Groove said...

In a similar state of excitment, my daughter walked up to another little girl pool-side and said, "I really like your life-jacket!" After smiling at each other for a few minutes, they happily agreed to hit the pool together!