Sunday, August 06, 2006

Urban Adventures

We had a blissful weekend at home, one of the few in our whole summer here where we didn't have to leave the city and we didn't have guests. Not that we don't love having company, but this was nice, too. As an added bonus, the landlords left for their lake house on Thursday and we haven't seen a sign of them since. Being naturally antisocial, and, of course, loathing them as I do, their absence made me feel so much more relaxed. We got to pretend that we actually own the place, without all the responsibilities of really owning the place.

Saturday we went to yard sales in various north side neighborhoods, looking for furniture and coming up with only a couple of toys for Nutmeg (a Fisher-Price tape recorder that turned out not to work, $2; doll stroller that she bought with her own money, $1) and a set of nice drapes for the dining room ($7). Then we hit Retro on Roscoe, a street fair in the family neighborhood I initially fell in love with when visiting Chicago. Now I think our neighborhood is better, because they have hardly any parks in that area. At the festival Nutmeg got a snake painted on her arm -- that's what she asked for! -- played with sidewalk chalk and bubbles, and shared a dish of chocolate peanut butter ice cream with us. Once again, we had to leave before a single band started, due to naptime. Saturday night we had dinner on the picnic table my parents recently bought us, our first time eating out there since we have lived here. I put the sprinkler on the lawn to water the grass, and Nutmeg watched the fireflies come out while we ate watermelon for dessert.

Today we drove to Evanston to have lunch with friends who are expecting a baby the same week we are. During Nutmeg's nap, Epu was out on the back stairs putting up some babyproofing screening over the gap in the railing on the back stairs, and I came outside to take down some laundry and accidentally locked us out of the house. Epu tried the credit card trick, as well as forcing the door, which seemed practically read to open. We were arguing over who was going to break the window in the back door when I decided to try a firm kick to the lock area of the door, while turning the knob. It opened right up. Yes, my 250-pound husband is that wussie, at least compared to his Wonder Woman pregnant wife.

Then after dinner we put Nutmeg on her push-tricycle, grabbed three popsicles, and walked to the one big park in our area we hadn't been to yet. Somehow it escaped my notice until this week that this park has an outdoor swimming pool, and tonight I picked up the schedule. They have toddler/parent swimming EVERY morning at 11 a.m., and the pool is FREE. Also adult lap swimming every night at 7. I'm so there. There were a million families at the park even though it was after 7, almost all Latino families having barbecues and birthday parties. We hit the playground and felt like we were back in California at Dolores Park, except that there, it's almost never still warm out as the sun is setting. I was blissing out, listening to the roar of the cicadas, and watching my tiny 2-year-old get pushed a little too high on the grown up swing by Daddy. "This is why we HAVE to live in the city," I told Epu. "My parents have a big park by their house. Do you think there's a single soul in at at 7:30 on a Sunday night?"

Then Epu noticed that Nutmeg's tricycle had disappeared from the edge of the playground. We searched the park area for it and were almost ready to go home, shocked that someone would actually steal a child's trike, when Epu suggested looking on the other side of the pool area. Sure enough, the trike was sitting on a path over there, abandoned by some kid who was unsupervised enough to wander off and come back with a strange tricycle apparently without any notice from his parents.

Thank God. Getting robbed of a tricycle can really kill your urban bliss buzz.

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Bert said...

A snake on her arm?! You had better watch out. Seems the Little Nut might have accidentally learned about biker tattoos from her Auntie Bert. ;)