Saturday, August 05, 2006

Mother's Day in August

Nutmeg is daytime potty trained. I scarcely know how it happened. We were going along, with her using the potty only when she felt like it and still enjoying the convenience (for her!) of diapers. Then we had a few days when we didn't go out, first because it was raining and the next week because of a heat wave so intense that if my power had gone out I might have been evacuated from my home.

While housebound, I let her go barebutted. She rarely failed to use her potty when she wasn't wearing a diaper. So this week, after a couple of weeks of promises, I finally got us over to Target and bought some big girl underwear. I wanted to get those thick training pants that y'all might remember wearing, but a friend told me they only have those at KMart. Unfortunately, Nutmeg wouldn't go to KMart because she was afraid one of her playgroup friends might see her coming out and tell her her training pants were "so KMart." So we just got regular cotten skivvies in the smallest size they make, 2T.*

We didn't need the training pants. Nutmeg is very conscientious about the continued dryness of her big-girl underwear, which have pictures of Tinkerbell on them. There have been two minor accidents in three days of wearing them, but no one was hurt. Even better, I remembered that her potty seat comes apart into a stepstool and a seat that snaps over the regular toilet, with handles and all. Not only does she love to use this set-up, eliminating the need for me to clean out the potty (which is worse than changing diapers!), but she even PUTS THE SEAT ON THE TOILET HERSELF BEFORE GOING. This morning I heard a flush, and as I got out of bed concerned about what Nutmeg might be flushing, she walked out and proudly told me, "I just pooped! Yeah!"

Of course, we're still taking the precaution of diapering her for naps and bedtime, although she did fall asleep for over an hour in the car this week on our way back from a super funtime shopping mall in Naperville and she stayed dry.

Go, Nutmeg! I am so proud. And, I hate to say this because I'm afraid I'm tempting fate for a relapse here, but it wasn't that hard! Makes me wonder why so many parents wait until their kids are after 3 to toilet train. That would be an entire year of extra diapers for me to change.

I'll close with a Nutmeg quotes on impending big-sisterhood:

"The baby in Mommy's tummy REALLY likes chocolate ice cream."

Nut: "The baby is a girl."
me: "Who told you that?"
Nut: "The midwife."

(and while playing with her doll the day after our midwife appointment): "I'm checking her blood pressure."

* Apparently babies with old-fashioned parents who toilet train at 12 months, or with new-fashioned elimination communication parents are out of luck, because you cannot get underwear for a 1-year-old.

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True Mama said...

Oh, but you CAN get training pants for a baby: I wish I'd started ec'ing when my one-year old was an infant. He HATED being wet, and now he doesn't seem to care.