Monday, August 21, 2006

Monday Potpourri

I was closely watching the development of this program back in SF, and I imagine we would have sent Nutmeg there if we'd stayed.

But hey, let's not look over our shoulders dolefully. We had another lovely Chicago weekend after the Nut and I returned from a weeklong visit to Las Vegas. We were there to support Grammy, who just got elected as national president of an important union support and political activism organization, and we were so proud! Although we wouldn't have missed Grammy's big moment, and we had some fun gorging on crab and shrimp and frolicking in the Hilton's kiddie pool, in general Vegas is no place for a 2-year-old, and we were happy to be back.

Here is what our new neighborhood is like. Saturday evening, after our flight back, when Nutmeg awoke from her nap, the two of us stepped outside to enjoy the cooling evening air. Epu was at a mixer event for all the new people at their work. Once outside, we heard some really cool live music coming from somewhere in the neighborhood. It reminded me of the dance video music from Ghost World. I put Nutmeg in the stroller and we walked toward it, until we arrived at a Greek church that was holding a festival on its lawn and parking lot. There were delicious smells emanating from within, and we could see not one but two bounce houses inside. So of course, we went right back home to get mommy's wallet and we hit Greek Fest. Epu ended up meeting us there when his party was over. Nutmeg went in the bounce house with big kids without being at all scared, a new one for her, and she danced and danced to the Greek music. And then we walked home, with a light wind whipping up the tree branches lining every street, and we went to bed hoping for rain (which we're still waiting for).

And by the way:

Last night we asked Nutmeg what she wanted to be for Halloween. She thought about briefly, and then said, "A clown."

A clown??????

"A clown that isn't too funny," she clarified. Which is exactly what she saw at the Circus Circus casino this week.

Baby, don't you know? What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

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Kori said...

The bad news is, she wants to be a clown, and clowns are creepy.

The good news is, while she was weighing her decision, she ruled out "Vegas Showgirl or Lounge Waitress."

Happy Halloween!