Thursday, August 24, 2006

Learning to read facial expressions and to understand the nature of men

On Monday I told Nutmeg that it was the first day of school for some kids around here.

"I'll go to school when I'm bigger," she said. We've told her about this. "I'll go without Mommy." I also had told her about that aspect.

Then, after a pause, "I won't even
need you."

After another pause, "That made Mommy a little sad."

Then last night, a thunderstorm came and she started crying hysterically from her crib. Epu brought her into our room and lay her down in bed between us. You'd think she'd be grateful, no?

Well, here's what she said before falling back asleep:

"Daddy's stinky."


Bert said...

Oh! Cute little Nutmeg is a prodigy in so many respects. I know some adults who go on about their lives oblivious to other's feelings... and there's the little Nut, seeing a blip in your expression and knowing exactly what it meant. You should be very proud. You taught her that, you know. :)

Unknown said...


i always say, "daddy stinks."

well, wouldn't you want to know if you were stinky? ;P

you sound like you're doing really well with your pregnancy. i'm actually kinda jealous! :)