Tuesday, August 08, 2006

I exercised!

I feel so effin' good today. Know why? I exercised! Since moving here, one of my to-do list items has been to find a gym with a nice daycare center and a pool, because I like to swim and it's a good low-impact exercise for the ladies in the delicate condition.

That'd still be nice and all, but the outdoor pool near our house turns out to be a great free alternative, while the weather holds. I took Nutmeg there this morning, thinking it would be fun for her but wishing that I knew another mom in the neighborhood so we could take turns swimming laps and watching kids. Turns out, my pregnant self doesn't need laps to get a full workout. I practically wore myself out just walking, bouncing and swimming a few strokes for about half an hour while Nutmeg clung to me, monkey-style. In fact, I have to remember to bring MORE FOOD next time we go to the pool, because after all that activity, I felt really weak on the way home and, by the time I reached my kitchen, I got lightheaded in front of the refrigerator and had to sit on the tile, slugging apple juice, before I could get it together to make our lunch. After lunch I put the Nut down for a nap a little early, since she was worn out too, I lay down and read for awhile, and when I got up, instead of the groggy, draggy way I usually feel in the afternoon, I felt like I had flubber shoes on. Yeah!

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Bert said...

Hooray! Go you! I'm so happy you found that pool!