Thursday, August 31, 2006

Deep Thoughts With Nutmeg

"Mommy! An airplane has wings that do NOT flap."

(and, an hour later, while looking up at the sky) "The clouds are flying WITHOUT wings."

On Monday, somehow undeterred by a hurricane-esque rainstorm, we went downtown for free day at the Field Museum. Daddy had told her all about what she'd see there. But first we stopped at the flagship Marshall Field's, soon to be Macy's, in search of the one pair of non-ugly shoes in the world that fulfills my sister-in-law's specifications for wear in her wedding (found em.)

As we walked into Fields, Nutmeg looked around and asked loudly, "Where are the dead animals?"

Then there was our trip to the Le Creuset outlet in Kenosha last weekend (I got a butter dish for only $16! Yay!)

"Don't touch anything in here," I told her as we entered. "Everything in this store is breakable."

She proceeded to point out to me that the spatulas were not breakable, the aprons were not breakable, and, that's right, those cookbooks are not breakable. Oh, man. Something tells me I should start saving up now for all the counseling I'm going to need to get through the teen years if she's this much of a smart-ass now.


Bert said...

You know, I bet Marshall Field's would sell way more stuff if they had dead animals, too.

Kori said...

That kid could be on an episode of "when smart attacks." :)