Monday, July 10, 2006

What to Eat When You're Expecting the Next Nancy Spungen

In the past few days, Nutmeg has been so confrontational, and so over-the-top hysterical when she doesn't get her way, that I have started to wonder if I am raising the next Nancy a la "Sid and Nancy." (If you ever want to be scared away from having a child, read the book written by Nancy's mom, and you'll see what I mean.)

Things Nutmeg has tantrummed over in the past 24 hours alone:

location of pre-nap story (bedroom vs. living room)
me giving her more spaghettio's instead of allowing her to help herself from my bowl
denial of popsicle-as-lunch
location of lunch (high chair vs. small table)
location of nursing (rocking chair vs. bed)
getting dressed
saying please
position of car seat buckle and contraindiction on moving it herself

It's not like any of these things are worth fighting over. Many times, once she's done shrieking, I've finally gotten her to ask for what she wants in an even semi-normal tone of voice, AND SHE GETS IT. At some point it is supposed to sink in that screaming and wigging out are not an effective way of getting things.

I'm sure it will sink in eventually. I just don't know if I'll survive until that moment.

Then, after about an hour of being a holy terror, Nutmeg will suddenly be mommy's best friend, helping me pick stuff out at the store, holding my hand, giving me kisses. Some books call the terrible two's the first adolescence. If the first one is this bad, I shudder to think what the real one will be like. And I'm having another of these things???

Speaking of the baby-to-be, I'm feeling pretty good these days. When I start feeling crappy, it's almost always just low-blood sugar. I can stomach milk and Coca-Cola (yes, Heidi Murkoff, I said Coke) and lemonade and I even drank a cup of coffee this weekend, although with none of my former gusto.

And speaking of Murkoff, author of "What to Eat When You're Expecting," here's a list of foods I'm using to meet her unrealistic pregnancy nutrition requirements, none of which she would approve:

Strawberry NesQuik (fortified with calcium, vitamin C, and other vitamins and minerals)
pudding (with calciYUM, according to the package)
chocolate milk
pre-sweetened yogurt
ice cream
oatmeal cookies

Murkoff is very big on counting every calorie so as not to gain extra weight during pregnancy, but in my last pregnancy, and this one so far, this has just not been an issue for me. It's more like, what kind of leverage can I use to force something with vitamins, protein and calcium down my throat? Of course, Murkoff's other argument is that any empty calories you eat are filling you up when you should be having that ninth serving of vegetables, and, well, I can't argue with that one. But did I mention that NesQuik has other vitamins and minerals?


Moxie Mom said...

Clearly some segment of the terible two's, the move, and the new baby have turned into your "Perfect Triple Header Storm."

SO happy to hear you are feeling better. Even I can feel relief in my stomach knowing what that felt like. Hang in there

Kori said...

Are pupusas in that book? Because boy, oh boy, are they tasty!

Notta Wallflower said...

Glad you are feeling better. I hate to tell you, but it doesn't get any easier when they get to teen years. The battles have bigger stakes, and it's harder to have the idea of "pick your battles", because it seems like most of them need to be picked. K is a good kid, and I find myself up at night now worrying about his future beyond high school because of the things I see now. /sigh

On a side note, does Murkoff address mother's eating habits during pregnancy and any effects on the child's eating tendencies?

Carrie said...

I think she might note that ethnic food preferences are instilled while the child is still in the womb. For example if you are a Bengali Indian and eat a ton of spicy food while pregnant, your child will naturally prefer spicy when eating solids.

Unknown said...

i used that book as a door stop.

i ate SO well when k'zilla was "rooming in". and she's made a storm in a teacup every hour on the hour from the minute she introduced herself to the world...

i didn't eat all that well when preggers with b'zilla and he is such a good baby - it freaks me out.

things that make you go hmmm....