Thursday, July 13, 2006

Pregnancy Brain

My name is Tessence, I'm 11.5 weeks pregnant, and I am dumb.

Today I brought our car to a mechanic for an oil change and to have a rattling noise checked out. It involved getting a recommendation in a new city, locating the place, driving to place, walking a long distance, getting lost, then finally taking the El home. All with a 2-year-old whose usual naptime arrived sometime during the walking. So I was feeling pretty accomplished, until I realized that I'd left my housekeys dangling from the car's ignition. Fortunately, the landlords were able to let me in within about an hour, but, sigh.

Since getting knocked up, I've done the following:

* Overdrawn two separate checking accounts by TWICE paying a mortgage bill that I no longer owed due to having sold the property. One of these incidents caused our second rent check to bounce.
* Lost my credit card.
* Lost the hotel bill that Epu needed to turn in for reimbursement. It was finally located, somehow, by Nutmeg.
* Left an outrageously expensive toddler bathing suit at the Purple Hotel, after first wearing.
* Forgotten to pay our brand new phone service for long enough to get a termination warning.
* Etc.

Why does pregnancy make me dumb? I know that motherhood makes us smarter, but in that famous rat study, the extra skillz didn't kick in until AFTER mommy rat had her litters.

It must be the glucose again.

And to send you into your weekend, let's have a dishwasher update! I called Herb, the old Jamaican owner of Herb's Refrigeration, yesterday to check on the status of the dishwasher we dropped off with him two weeks ago. Last time I called, he'd said that he'd called Danby to order replacements for the two broken valves, but that Danby hadn't answered, and he assured me that he intended to call again. Well, progress has been made. This week, he says that he has called Danby again, they couldn't understand what parts he needed (not surprising, since it took me about 10 minutes to understand what he was telling me on the phone), and they are sending him a diagram of the dishwasher so he can point out the parts.

At this point, I have become rather fond of Herb, who is a very nice man working hard to run a business in a neighborhood where he has to lock the door in the middle of the day. But dammit, Danby, this is who you sign on to service your dishwashers? Maybe I should ask them to send me a loaner or something.


Notta Wallflower said...

Well, I'm in trouble if I ever get pregnant again, because I do stuff like that without pregnancy. :-/ I love finding local business owners. I have found the Hispanic equivalent of Herb at a local bicycle shop, and he is very sweet, but I need to brush up on my Spanish so I can understand him better.

Anonymous said...

Heh, I'm pregnant for the first time and I never thought it would happen to me (yeah right). I just got out of the first trimester and I've done two ridiculously stupid things in the past week alone. So I feel your pain!

Moxie Mom said...

Man, what you lack in…organization (?)…you certainly make up for with patience. Herb may be nice but COME ON!

Or maybe I am just so dependent on my dishwasher I wouldn't have been to patient. Yoda would be proud.