Thursday, July 06, 2006

Insurance labyrinth and bubblebath

Wow! This morning I am experiencing the rare event of my toddler's actions coinciding with my own needs. I sent her to her room because she was whining incessantly and I couldn't take it anymore. Then I sat down at the phone to try to unravel my insurance/prenatal care problem. The bedroom stayed very quiet. I peeked in there at 9 a.m. to find that she had fallen fast asleep on the bed.

Which is handy, because as soon as I started making calls, it became clear that the insurance problem is much worse than I realized. It took me a full hour to solve.

Skip this if you are not interested in labrynthine insurance anecdotes: I thought my only problem was that my new insurance card showed up with a different practice on it, not the one I chose, and that I might have to pay out of pocket for my first prenatal appointment on Friday. Now it turns out that the practice -- despite what they told me -- doesn't take my particular brand of Blue Cross after all. So I'm 10 weeks pregnant and need to find a new provider and make my first appointment. Even if I could make a timely appointment, I can't have a covered appointment with a new medical group until August 1. This is in large part my fault for a) procrastinating turning in the insurance forms and b) not jumping right on it when I received the card with the wrong practice on it. If I had taken care of this last week instead of just making a few calls and waiting for people to call me back, I would have been able to make a change in time for the first of the month.

Solved: The medical group I AM signed up for actually includes the midwife program at the hospital closest to my house. Which I had been planning on checking out anyway. Which I THOUGHT someone told me yesterday was not included in said medical group. But I called the hospital, and a very conpetent-sounding woman insisted that they accept my insurance through the group I am signed up for, and what's more, said that they routinely see women for their FIRST prenatal appointment at 20-24 weeks. What??? Anyway, I now have an appointment for August 1 with this group, when I will be 14 weeks along. Let's hope I like them.

On a lighter note: Did you know that 2-year-olds can wash themselves, all except rising their hair? There's one secret: bubblebath.


Bert said...

Turns out, a 32-year-old can do the same in a bubblebath and enjoy it almost as much! Does she have those bathtub paints, too? I love those.

Glad you worked out your insurance issue. My fingers are cross for you!

Notta Wallflower said...

I hope your insurance works out alright - what a pain to have to deal with.