Friday, July 07, 2006

Independence for Mommy Day

Nutmeg and her grandparents spent the four-day weekend reminding us why exactly we left the beautiful Bay Area. I got to kick back and read and hardly change any diapers or clean up after any meals. I got so much R&R that I think I have practically kicked the morning sickness. In exchange I am left with a new personality: World's Laziest Living Human. Once you're in the habit of barely stirring beore 10 a.m., it's hard to convince yourself that you're feeling good enough to change that.

But anyway, Nutmeg had all kinds of fun times with both sets of grandparents and other relatives. She actually seemed to bond most with her grandfathers this time. At Grandma and Grandpa's, she loved getting buried in the sand by her future uncle, Pattypatpat, and she was delighted when Indydog finally licked her. Sunday, we went to a Fourth of July party at the home of Pattypatpat's parents, and Nutmeg spent at least an hour in the pool, being held and tossed around by Grandpa, Daddy and Pattypatpat. She left singing "Some Enchanged Evening," which she says Grandpa taught her. He also taught her "One, two, buckle my shoe."

Then we drove to Grammy and Grampy's cabin, where Nutmeg was delighted to find a new swing that my Uncle Bill had installed for her. She ate smores, learned to respect Grampy's prowess as a bee-killer, and just spent a lot of time on Grampy's lap, either in the rocker inside the cabin or in the hammock outside. She also got to see a couple of toads up close, which thrilled her.

Despite all the fun she was having, Nutmeg did ask to go home several times during the long weekend. I was kind of glad that she's thinking of here as home. I guess I'm starting to as well. I still hate being in our apartment, but only because there is soooo much work to do that I feel like I will never catch up. But this weekend we will actually not be out of town for the first time in a month, so hopefully we will make some headway.

As soon as she woke up the first morning we returned, she was asking to play with the landlord's kids. She did not believe me when I explained that they are at their house in Wisconsin. "No!" she said. "They are at their house down the back stairs!" Well, looks like she's made friends.

Still no pictures. We haven't yet bothered to dig out the camera cable we would need to empty the zillions of pics already on our camera. This should give you some idea of the disaster zone our home is right now.

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Notta Wallflower said...

That is the sweetest - Nut is very lucky to have such loving family closeby. And, isn't it nice to have someone wait on you? I love going home - I never have to cook a meal or do dishes.