Sunday, June 04, 2006


OK, pregnancy fatigue has already set in, and we're still surrounded by towers of boxes here in our new home. But I'm feeling guilty for not updating y'all on everything that's happened, so here goes:

We are in contract to sell our SF place. That is, we sold it, but it won't close for 35 days. We got our asking price, plus the buyer is paying half the assessment that the HOA will be collecting as soon as it closes to fix the f-ed up back stairs and porches. So that's pretty good. We were a little frustrated because a) we had another buyer circling whose agent said he was out of town and just didn't have time to write the offer before we had to get back to the first buyer (nice agent, huh?), and b) Jerky Jerk upstairs got $40,000 more than we did. But all in all, we can't complain.

We have chipping, peeling lead paint in the window wells. At first our new landlords said they'd have their painters paint over it right away, but then when they found out you're really supposed to go through a more elaborate process -- wet sanding to avoid dust spreading -- they said they'd get it done in a few weeks or maybe never. They're planning on replacing the windows before winter, so it's not a big priority for them. I told them it was a big priority for us, since I'm pregnant and we have a toddler. But (I learned after numerous phone calls this week) the city only enforces the law against hazardous lead in apartments if a kid or pregnant woman living there tests positive for elevated lead levels. So anyway, our solution is to sit in here with the windows shut all through this beautiful summer, and constantly run the air conditioners I thought I was hardly going to use, and maybe buy one of these newfangled portable air conditioners. Anyone out there have one of those? This also means that we have to keep breathing in the fumes from the recent paint job and floor refinishing, since they have nowhere to escape to. Sigh.

Nutmeg has entered full-fledged tantrum mode. She wants to be carried or pushed in a stroller everywhere and if you won't, she just sits on the ground and cries, stamps her feet, etc. She has like, 10 tantrums a day. Yet in other ways she's acting very grown-up. She likes sleeping in her own room and has started climbing into her own crib at bedtime. She has eaten in so many restaurants during our move and resettlement that she now behaves almost perfectly and even orders her own beverage.

Oh, and where are the pictures of our new place? Well, where is the cord that connects the camera to the computer. Where is the camera itself? Where is that DSL monitor that SBC is sending? Eh?


Kayadela said...

Funny that Boojeh and Nutmeg entered this stage around the same time, even while separated. I wish we had each other to pawn off our kids for a few hours.

Bert said...

Ah, the trials of relocation! Glad you hear you have a buyer, however! And that, despite the missing pieces of hardware, nutty tantrums, impending elevated lead levels, and being preggers, that you still sound happy to be there. I miss you, though. Just FYI.

Waya said...

Congrats on selling your place while pregnant! I can't imagine how much work that is.

And the boxes that need to be empty, and put away. UGH!!

I know, I'm not helping you much here. Sorry. :(

Jo said...

tessence! i put this in my own blog too, but here's what you can do about the windows while your landlord twiddles his thumbs:

buy a can of BIN primer (any paint store will have it -- it's made by Zinsser). have your husband wipe out any loose paint chunks with either a Simple Green or some sort of lead detergent solution. Anything that doesn't come off, he'll paint over.

Now you and Nutmeg head out for a few hours. While you're gone, he'll slap down the first coat of BIN primer (with a disposable brush) on anything suspicious. It's cured after 45 minutes, so he can put the next coat on then. That coat will stop stinking after about half an hour, so you'll return to nice open windows and some smooth window wells that can be wet-wiped, daily, to control dust. If you can, just leave the windows sitting open (don't know if the windows themselves have lead paint that would generate dust when they move).

Depending on how that goes (can do a follow-up dust test), you might request that the landlord not replace the windows while you're living there. Sometimes knocking them out can kick up a lot more dust than just trying to seal the paint...

Good luck. It sucks. I was so there, this time last year.