Friday, June 30, 2006

It's Fried Chicken Season

This week I started listening to the Cubs on the radio in the afternoons while doing housework. It's funny, the Cubs loomed large in my early pregnancy last time around, and once again, they seem to be mimicking the mood of my entire life. With Nutmeg, the Cubs made it to the playoffs and were so close -- a handful of outs -- away from the World Series. Drama ran high, both joy and despair. While I watched, I was so, so excited to be pregnant, my family was doing backflips, and yet at the same time my grandmother was on her deathbed. This time, the Cubs are circling the drain and the rest of the summer stretches out like an eternity. The radio announcers are awash in malaise and self pity. And, many days lately, so am I. This baby is so wanted and planned for, everything going on in our lives is as it should be, and yet I feel pretty blah. I know it's totally normal to feel this way in the aftermath of so many life-changing events -- a move, change from job to no job, non-pregnant to pregnant, home-owning to renting, etc., etc. And it's not like I'm walking around in tears or anything. I'm just sort of sighing and saying, God, Cubbies, did you have to blow that opportunity to score? And can we just ask for a mercy early end to the season?

Continued fried chicken watch: This week's Chicago Reader announces, "It's Fried Chicken Season" and reviews many of the eateries already featured in last week's Tribune.

"Cubs try to avoid losing their 50th game of the year," Ron Santo just said. Yep. And right after he said that, they did.


Kori said...

I wish every season was fried chicken season.

Sorry about your cubbies. I think it's time for you to go southside and think Sox. I know, blasphemy. But man, they are rockin' these days. If there is a 1:1 relationship between your pregnancy mood and your baseball team's game, it might be worth considering. :)

Kayadela said...

Hey Chickie,
Sorry about the blahs. As a frequent blaher I totally get it. I wish we were with you.