Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Home News

This morning, Nutmeg decided she wants to be called "One Hundred And Dalmations." Not "101 Dalmations," mind you. She got it from a Chinese cartoon book of the Disney movie that we have around.

Sunday we went up to Wisconsin for a family birthday party barbecue. Nutmeg got to run around with my cousins' kids, which was awesome. She also ate so much that my dad kept worrying she would make herself sick. On the drive home, before she conked out, I asked her what her favorite part of the party was.

"EATING!" she said.

While we were gone Sunday the landlords came into town with their kids and nanny. I didn't see them until Monday afternoon. Their two girls, ages 3 and 1, are very cute and it looks like they will all play nicely together, which should help keep things civil between the adults. I noticed that someone -- the parents or the nanny -- had set some of the kids toys, i think a bottle of bubbles, on one of the garage windowsills, peeling paint and all. Funny, I've been trying to train Nutmeg to not go near those nasty windows. Now I can see why the landlady blew off my concern about lead paint -- obviously they don't care at all how much their toddlers are exposed. Oh well -- it's been cool this week and the paint smells have dissipated in here, so we haven't minded keeping the windows shut so much lately.

IN other domestic matters:

I. on Saturday Epu found the appropriate converter to hook my new dishwasher up to the sink, only to find that the machine leaks water out the bottom. Then we had to wait until Monday for the customer service line to open, then they gave us the number of a local repair place that would take care of it for free. The local repair place has yet to call us back. So the dish drudgery continues, although I must admit that my dear husband did them before going to work this morning, and it's HIS birthday. I staggered out of bed at 7, offered to make him birthday pancakes, then admitted I wasn't up to it and collapsed on the couch. It sucks to be my husband right now! I bet pioneer wives made their husbands special birthday pancakes no matter how many fetuses they were carrying, babies they were nursing, cows they were milking, etc.

II. I chatted with Roy the electrician, who is often around the building, about the possibility of putting a garbage disposal in the kitchen. He was pessimistic that either the circuitry or the plumbing could handle it. That's it. I am going to need a maid.

III. We bought a new, softer king-sized mattress last night! Promises to be delivered tomorrow afternoon, in time for my parents' first overnight. I cannot WAIT to sleep on it. It is actually on the firm side, but softer than the bed of nails we have now (ok, ok, when you're pregnant, that's what it feels like), so hopefully it will be infant safe. I think we're going to get that little infant co-sleeping thingy this time around anyway. We are so going to Target today, to buy sheets.

IV. The closing papers for our SF home are to arrive any minute, and we will go to a UPS store notary to sign them. Good-bye, SF home! I can't believe we'll never see it again.

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Bert said...

Aw. That kind of makes me a little sad. I'll never drop by to visit after climbing. Or bring over ice cream for Nutmeg to spill all over the place as she feeds herself. :(

On the upside, I get to visit this cool place called "the Lead Dome" in Chicago. ;)

Don't beat yourself up about the pancakes. If he were carrying your baby, he would have stayed in bed.

Miss you, too.