Monday, June 19, 2006

Dear people of the world: sorry for thinking you were so lazy

Despite feeling like crap, I have to admit we had a good Chicago Monday morning today. We visited the Trader Joe's that I discovered on the way to the zoo last week, and stocked up on familiar stuff like Pirate's Booty, spinach pasta, dried snap pea snacks (sounds weird, but Nutmeg calles them "green snacks" and adores them) and a Ritter Sport bar. I also got some pre-made and easy-to-make meals that might make the task of preparing family dinner less onerous for my exhausted pregnant self. Then we came home and Nutmeg played with the tiny stream of water dripping out of the hose (no water pressure) while I sat under the fruit tree and relaxed with the Trib. I have to say, I appreciate having this nice big yard where Nutmeg can play while I rest, since resting is all I ever want to do these days.

Which makes me wonder -- do some people feel like this ALL THE TIME? No, I don't think most people walk around feeling like they might hurl, unless they're undergoing chemotherapy, but maybe a lot more people than I ever realized don't have much energy. I have always been a high energy person, even more so with the amount of caffeine I usually ingest. And from time to time I'd notice other people -- at work or in their homes -- and think, God, why aren't they getting anything DONE??

Ugh. And now I'm thinking, why don't I get anything done.

By the way, we haven't told Nutmeg about the coming baby, except in the most theoretical sense. Yet she seems to have caught on. She just said to me, "You're gonna see your new Audrey sometime." That's one of the names we've been talking about. Little pitchers have big ears! When I asked her where this "new Audrey" would come from, she said, "From our new home."


Kori said...

The Nut is a smart one, that is for sure! Apparently she's hoping for a home birth. :)

You guys have a great Trader Joe's by you on Lincoln---I should have told you about it already, especially when you mentioned the park with all the chips instead of Pirate's Booty. Sorry about that. Bad city guide. Bad.

Bert said...

Oh my god, I miss her so much! "From our new home"?! Honestly? She is the sweetest thing ever. Still trying to schedule my August visit.

Kayadela said...

Yes, low energy...and I don't get anything done.