Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Culture Shock

Nutmeg and I hit our nearest park in the afternoon today, exposing us for the first time to the local after-school (or after daycamp, etc.) crowd for the first time. I was enjoying seeing the diversity of my new neighborhood and listening to the gossip of fourth-grade girls. Then the snacks came out, and I realized that I have really moved to a different culture.

Every single kid in that park was eating a snack-sized bag of chips or Cheetos. No fruit, no Pirate's Booty, no anything remotely healthy. Just chips. I don't think I'd ever *seen* a mom on a playground hand her kid a bag of chips before. Of course, a lot of these kids were there on their own, but the toddlers with their moms were eating chips too.

Another bit of culture that didn't shock me as much as make me feel like I've moved to Heartland, USA: Every afternoon, I hear "The Entertainer" or "Turkey in the Straw" through our closed windows, as the ice cream man drives by. Love it. Of course, this Heartland USA has a Greek bakery on one corner, a Korean grocery on the other, a Balkan video store and travel agency, and a place that sells pupusas. In between the pizza places.


Notta Wallflower said...

Hey, you've found a park - that sounds like you're settling in a bit. Hope things are going well for you guys. :-)

Bert said...

Ice cream trucks and pupusas?! You are a lucky family. :)

Anonymous said...

I had culture shock when I moved here too. I do live in Virginia after all! I've never seen so many American flags! And then a friend told me that when she moved here, they were all Confederate! YIKES!