Friday, June 23, 2006

8 Weeks

This week my morning sickness has been decent enough to confine its visits to morning, up to about 10 a.m. After that, I can pull it together enough to take Nutmeg to one store (usually Target for forever ongoing home furnishing purchases and returns) or the park, then make and eat lunch, then get Nutmeg down for her nap before crashing myself. When I wake up I can get in a load of laundry, do the dishes, deal with Nutmeg when she wakes up, and scrape together some kind of supper before gratefully collapsing when Epu walks in the door. Yes, it's quite the thrilling life I lead, I know. I just remind myself that life at most offices is just as drudgesome, and most bosses wouldn't let me take a 1-2 hour nap in the afternoon, or loll on the couch or in the backyard lounge chair until 10 a.m.

Actually, today I don't think I feel nauseated. Last time, morning sickness eased up for me around 9 weeks, so I'm praying it will be the same this time.

I think 2 is the best age for your first kid to be while you're pregnant. She's now old enough that she can ramble around the house while I rest without incurring *too* much harm -- she's in her room supposedly picking out clothes for herself right now and chattering. And she still naps 3 hours every afternoon. My friend Hollie is pg with her third right now, and her 2-year-old and 3-year-old have stopped taking naps. Lord help her.

So, like, sorry about the boringness of my blog right now. My life is so inwardly focused at the moment, and my biggest moment-to-moment concern is what to put in my mouth to stave of nausea. About our new life in Chicago, what can I say? SF was better, so far, because we miss our friends and familiar places. I always used to complain about our neighborhood there, what with the used needles and human feces all over the place, but I do now appreciate that it's not every neighborhood where you can walk to a Trader Joe's, a Whole Foods, Costco, the city's main library, 2 Safeways, a decent Chinese takeout place, a discount wine shop, and, of course, my office. Now I'm in the car every day, because Chicago is just so damn big. I also kind of wonder what is the point of living in the city when it still takes Epu 45 minutes to get to work. Of course, this is all haven't-settled-in-yet-talk. We have taken very little time to explore the fun side of Chicago yet, and we don't yet have anyone in our neighborhood to babysit, so we haven't given it much of a shot yet. Still, there have been moments in the past few weeks when I have wondered if we wouldn't have been happier in a smaller, more manageable place like Madison.


K's Mumma said...

Hey, ur blog is not at all boring! Infact, I was waiting to read ur next posting!
I know, SF is beautiful...& I am sure, once u "settle in", u will start liking Chicago too!
I wish I cud make a trip there - thats where Oprah is - isnt it?!:)

Anonymous said...

Chicago's huge. The population is four times San Francisco's. It's five times larger in square miles. And there are probably 100 times as many places to get hot dogs.