Friday, May 05, 2006

Wearing my sympathy thin

Nutmeg has mostly stopped whimpering about going home. Now she's just being a real pain in the ass.
I know, I sound unsympathetic. But I'm a bit tired after weathering tantrums over minutia that usually doesn't bother her at all. Yesterday, she told us she was poopy and then pitched a fit when we tried to change her. This morning, she demanded a hug, then when I had her in my arms, she pointed out to the hall and said, "Go that way." I put her down, telling her she could walk herself, and bingo: 10-minute tantrum. Then there was the period between 3:30 and 5 this morning, when she was awake in the bed the 3 of us are sharing at Ho's house, talking, complaining, unsuccessfully campaigning to nurse, singing, bumping us, and, just when we start to get mad, giving us huge affectionate hugs. Finally, at 5, Epu took her out to the living room, where she went right to sleep with him on the couch. Hmm.
Now I'm sitting here at work trying to write one of the most difficult stories I've ever dealt with (made worse by the fact that the whole package was my stupid idea so I have no one to complain about). I should really get going before my coffee buzz wears off.

I should add, in Nutmeg's defense, that we took her to a restaurant this morning and she was an angel there. I mentioned to Epu, as we paid the check, how nice it was not to have to leave a 30% tip just to deal with all the food strewn around, the way we used to if we were dumb enough to let her eat in public.


Cynthia Sharpe said...

I fail to check you for a few weeks, and am shocked to find you're heading towards my ancestral homeland.

Ping if you want reccs or anything re new digs.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if this is still going on, but Elliott was really a bear when we first moved here. It took a while for him to get settled.