Monday, May 22, 2006

The Purple Hotel...

is a strange place. I'm sitting here, sequestered in one of its less-than-fine rooms, trying to TC of a little B while shivering under my coat because a) after teasing us with one warm day, Chicago wants to remind us that it is actually still winter here and b) the heater in our room stopped working. I would call the front desk about the heater but they always have just one young woman working the phones and checking people in and out and every time one of the hotel's pieces of equipment (key card scanner, credit card reader) fails here, she murmurs "oh my god." I just can't put her through it, and -- with luck -- we are checking out tomorrow. Nutmeg and I will head up to stay with the fam and Epu will stay with some friends.

But back to the Purple Hotel. Everyone here has heard of it. Even my dad had heard it advertised on Cubs games. Every night, even Sunday night, there has been an incredibly formal wedding reception here populated by an ethnic group with which we are entirely unfamiliar. One night, people we speculated might be African or Pakistani (although the lack of any saris makes me doubt that) were all decked out in the kind of clothes most folks reserve for prom night -- not just the wedding party but every single guest was in formalwear. The next night, a totally different group in similar get-ups. I just can't understand why someone would throw such a formal wedding, where the guests have obviously spent hundreds of dollars dressing themselves, and then have the reception at such a cheap and dingy hotel. I guess it's all they can afford. At any rate, I enjoyed the fashion show as I padded around in my jogging suit with wet swimsuit underneath, letting Nutmeg think she was playing the driving video game for the umpteenth time before bed.

There is an indoor pool and an outdoor pool, but you can only see the bottom of the outdoor one, and that only because it has no water in it right now. There is a hot tub that could be better termed a warm tub, although Nutmeg never tires of leaning in, dipping in a finger or toe, and exclaiming, "Hot!" There's also a mesh-walled climbing maze, 3 levels of hamsterlike fun, which Nutmeg has mastered with surprising confidence. She never climbs up to the top level and cries to be helped out, thank god, since I don't know if I could physically get in there. There are some padlocked zippers to allow access into its deeper chambers, but as that would require interacting with the Purple Hotel's staff, I hope it never comes to that.

But hey -- the Purple Hotel is only $89 a night. We moved here on our own free will, after Epu's new employer booked us in an extended stay 5 miles past O'Hare. That place was most likely much nicer, with kitchen and all, but considering that we have driven down to Hyde Park nearly every day to meet up with our sometimes hosts and always good buddies, I think the location would have killed us by now. The Purple Hotel is just up LIncoln Ave. from our (hopefully) new neighborhood. We are meeting the landlords of our dream apartment tomorrow, and I hope we'll sign the lease right there.

Today is the first day our agent is accepting offers on our SF place. It's 3 p.m. there, and he hasn't called me yet. I fear the worst, but maybe I'm just seeing the world through purple-tinted glasses.

Also, I think the Purple Hotel has bedbugs.


Kori said...

Ooh, bedbugs suck. Literally, I think. You are always welcome at Casa Lusignan if the bugs or the heat drag you down. :)

Anonymous said...

Don't stay at a place with bed bugs!

Priceline a room. You should be able to snag something nice on the North Shore for around $50 a night. Or something in the city for what you are paying now.

Go to to see what hotels/prices other people have snagged bidding on Priceline in Chicago and the burbs recently. (Scroll down to the Chicago and Chicago burbs boards.)

Anonymous said...

The Purple Hotel does have bed bugs. Just stayed there two nights ago. Complained to the Front Desk Manager about it and they only knocked off half our rate. Am going to talk to head management and get them to cover room and cleaning expenses.