Sunday, May 21, 2006


There is so much to tell, and I only have a few minutes right now, so I'll just give you a few teasers:

1) Hot dog vendors roam residential neighborhoods in Chicago much like the ice cream man in other places. This is a city where people may need a hot dog at ANY given moment of the day.
2) We fell in love with a neighborhood with lots of strollers and families, near all kinds of transportation lines. Then we fell in love with an apartment that only a fabulously wealthy person would have in San Francisco. We can afford it. Garage parking and heat are included. It has a big yard. It's near a little playground and not far from a great big park. It has high ceilings and -- I hope -- tons of light. Two good-sized bedrooms plus an extra room plus an enclosed, heated sun porch, plus tons of closet space. The downstairs neighbors are the landlords, who don't live there full time. Can someone please pinch me?
3) Why did our rental/real estate agent tell us you couldn't get a 2-3 bedroom apartment "in any neighborhood" for less than $1500?
4) Our SF place had its second open house today. Agents accepting offers tomorrow. Fingers crossed. Nervous.
5) Miss SF friends. Love Chicago friends. My brother just "stopped by" today on his way back to Iowa. Love that!


Ian Varley said...

Rad! Sounds like great fun. Can't wait to come visit!

Notta Wallflower said...

Sounds like things are going well! Glad to hear you guys are doing okay. :-)

usako said...

mm... now i want a hot dog. and i'm nowhere near chicago :(