Thursday, April 20, 2006

The things she says

Yesterday: Nutmeg walks up to me, holding two Lego pieces shaped like the tops of palm trees to her chest. And says, "Look at my new bra."

No kidding. I doubled over laughing, and then she tried to stick them under my shirt.

It was only later that I learned, to my great disappointment, that she had been coached by Epu. Oh, she held the things up to her chest like two coconut shells all on her own, but it was Epu who first said to her, "Is that your new bra?"

Today: "Shut up! Shut up!" Nutmeg says over breafast today, and then giggles maniacally. While Epu and I glare accusingly at one another, she tells us exactly when she heard it. Several weeks ago, we went to babysit 2 kids in the co-op on the same day that we had Booja. I sat down on their leather couch, and a glass of water Epu had precariously balanced on the couch's arm doused me. I jumped up and started yelling, and when Epu sat there on the couch and told me it was my own fault, I had told him to shut it.

Yes, Nutmeg told this story, using enough words that we knew the exact incident she was talking about. It was amazing. And then she repeated, "Mommy said, shut up! Shut up!"

Well, my almost-2-year-old is telling I me. I really have to watch it now.

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