Friday, April 07, 2006

More conversations with Nutmeg

Our world is spinning fast around us right now in Nutmegland, and I can't blog about it yet. So I'll recount a few more great conversations I've had with my daughter lately.

We were having breakfast the other day, and Nutmeg told me she wanted to paint after she was done eating. I said that was good because you can't eat paint.

Me: You know what else you can't eat? Elephants. Never, never, never eat an elephant.
Nutmeg: (Silent contemplation.)
Me: What else do you never, never eat?
Nutmeg: The top of the stove, because it would be too hot.

Later that day, Booja was over. He's learning to talk, and he pointed out a book on Nutmeg's shelf with a bee on it. "Beh," he said.

Nutmeg pointed to the book and said, "BEE!"
Then she pointed to the book that we made with her on the cover and said, "BABY!"
Booja listened appreciatively.
Then she pointed to her crib. "BABY CRIB!"
It was the cutest goddamned thing I ever saw. Booja loves to copy things that Nutmeg's doing, so I think her participation may actually help his verbal development, which is already rolling along now.

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