Sunday, April 23, 2006

Happy Birthday to Nutmeg

Nothing makes me feel more like a mom than throwing a birthday party. Nutmeg's first birthday was a big party for us -- congratulations for keeping your new human alive for a whole year! This year we had actual kids' activities: an art table, a bunny hop game, and the neighborhood center building we rented for the afternoon also had a bunch of cars to drive around and stuff.

The fact that this party was for a bunch of neandrathalish 2-year-olds didn't stop me from spending hours and hours on showy little items to go with the bunny theme.

Like these cute little carrots.

And these: bunny shaped dishes of bunny-shaped crackers. Someone stop her, she's gone mad!

Nutmeg was a perfect little lady. She loved the party, hugged and kissed a lot of her guests, sat at the table and ate the food (and cake and ice cream, of course)

With one of her buddies, the cool one.

and said thank-you for her presents. Her big moment was blowing out the candles, which she's been practicing for weeks.

Epu's fashionista sister sent the dress just in time. Isn't she lovely?

If it wasn't for the bippy, I'd say she looks so grown up.

Happy birthday, Nutmeg. Thanks for the best two years of my life, so far.


Kori said...

Oh, she looks so beautiful! And the bunny theme---super cute work, mommy!

I'm just glad you'll be here in time for EJ's first birthday---it obviously wouldn't be a party without Nutmeg!

Bert said...

So glad I could be there. She was fabulous yesterday, as always. And so were you!

Kori said...

Today's the big birthday---happy 2nd, Nutmeg! :)

Moxie Mom said...

Happy birthday super cutie! It's good to have another Taurus female around!