Monday, April 03, 2006

Civil Engineering for Toddlers

Nutmeg, in Kaymommy's car tonight: "The red light will help..."

Kaymommy and me: "Yes?..."

Nutmeg: "The red let will ... help ... you ... stop."

Me: That's right!

(We drive a few more blocks to another intersection)

Nutmeg: "The red light will go away and the green light will come. And the green light will help Kaymommy ... and Booja, and Yourmommy and Nutmeg ... to DRIVE again."

Kaymommy: "Oh my God. What are you going to do with this kid?"

Nutmeg said all this so slowly, it was like a huge realization was dawning on her. I'm just wondering if she figured it all out herself, or if Epu told her about the meaning of red lights and green lights. So I asked her.

Me: Nutmeg, did Daddy tell you about the red lights and green lights?
Nutmeg: Yeah.
Me: Was it in a book?
Nutmeg: Yeah.
Me: Did you figure it out by yourself?
Nutmeg: Yeah.

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