Thursday, April 27, 2006

Brief update

Nutmeg: Having a great time hanging with her grandparents.
My parents: Incredibly helpful.
Kitchen table and chairs: Sold so quickly we should have asked twice as much.
Other items for sale on Craigslist: Not a bite.
Relocation agent: Useless.
Otto Nelson & Sons moving: Priceless.
Rossiter Relocation Services: Clueless.
Ho Lin: The awesomest for helping us out with free temporary housing.

Moving is hard.


Kori said...

Hang in there! Chicago will be worth it, I promise!

Bert said...

Dude. I totally wanted that table and chairs. However... I am poor, and you need the money to move!

Wait. Don't go. Please?

Moxie Mom said...

Moving sucks the bog moose wad

But Kori is right. It's worth the effort, sleeplessness, aggrivation, more aggrivation…shall I go on?