Saturday, April 29, 2006

6,000 pounds

We moved to the West Coast in a Toyota Tercel with a car-top carrier.

Now we have six thousand pounds of possessions. Six thousand pounds, accumulated in seven years!

We've been packing since Wednesday. Have to be done by Monday morning, 8 a.m. Which, incidentally, is May Day, and the day that immigrants and anyone sympathetic is supposed to boycott work. Wonder if the movers will show up? Wonder if they'll be able to leave our street once they get here, since the march route is not far from our home? Oh well, I guess it's not my problem once the stuff exits my house.

Yesterday, I sent out an email to most of the people we have helped move since we've lived here, begging for help over the weekend, since my parents have gone home. Only three out of six replied. One was going out of town, one is already out of town, and one, Jack, isn't feeling well but will probably drag himself over here tomorrow.

I'm not moving people anymore. Except for Jack.


Kori said...

Ugh. Well, we'll be here for the unpack, so pencil us in for that. :)

Moxie Mom said...

Sending you all my good moving karma.

Wish I could help, but we are kinda 3,000 miles away.

Bert said...

Aw. Sorry, sweetie. I was the one leaving town, I think. Next time, move on a weekend other than my birthday. I'll be there! :)