Friday, March 24, 2006

What Are They Doing to Us?

I just had my delightful Chicago friends visit with their oh-my-god-i'm-gonna-eat-you-up-you're-that-cute baby.

Tonight I babysat for them for just over an hour while they grabbed a bite to eat. When I asked them if they ever got dates back at home, they quickly said, "No." They looked fine when they left the hotel, I thought. Happy, normal people in their 30s. Yet, when they returned to the room, maybe 70 minutes later, they were transformed. Bouncy. Giggly. Five years younger. And I don't think they had even been drinking. I was like, People, you have got to get some babysitting more often!

Then on the way home I started thinking how long it's been since Epu and I have had a Nutmeg-free date. The last few months, except for my fabulous ski weekend, have been a treadmill of work (mostly him, but I had a mutha deadline this week too), Nutmeg, plotting our complicated future and obligations. I think we look normal, but now I wonder: What will we be like after 70 -- or, dare I hope, 140 -- minutes of freedom? I have a feeling we will become so giggly and carefree that we will get carded wherever we go -- even for lottery tickets.

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Bert said...

I would be happy to hang out with Nutmeg for 140 fun-filled minutes. FYI. In case you ever find the time to run off together like teenagers.