Monday, March 13, 2006

Wanna Love Mommy

I had one of the most fun, fun, fun ski weekends ever, and Nutmeg stayed with Kaymommy, Keithdaddy and Booja. And now she is really sick. Is this some kind of Mommy Penance I'm getting assigned here for abandoning my baby for a weekend of adventure and long evenings laughing my head off and drinking wine in the hot tub? Which seriously isn't fair, because I already paid all kinds of penance for drinking red wine at altitude.

Nutmeg didn't seem to miss me over the weekend. She had fun and talked to me on the phone a few times, never asked about me or cried for me. I'm cool with that, I guess. I'm pretty sure she caught her illness from the Sharebear, who was here Friday but got sick and had to have his mom pick him up. So now poor Booja and the rest of us will probably be throwing up shortly. Nutmeg puked into the toilet like a big kid for the first time today! What a milestone, huh? Then she just sat there on the seat of her potty chair and shook and shook, and then I got in bed with her and she sang some songs through her shivering, and then I sang some songs and she requested more songs so I sang some more. It was actually really nice to sing to her while she lay on my chest. I wish she didn't have to feel bad, though. I asked her "how do you feel?" and she said, "like getting sick."

She had seemed a little dazed when Kaymommy first brought her back to my house today, probably from this same sickness. She played a little with Booja at first, but then she came up to me, started crying a little, and said, "Wanna love mommy." So I cradled her on my shoulder like a little baby and loved the pants off of her while Kay and I both got a little teary eyed.

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Kori said...

I'm so glad you got a super-fun ski weekend! Hurray for you!

I know what you mean about the sickness-related cuddling. Today, for the first time since EJ was a tiny, tiny infant, she laid on my chest peacefully, her little head right under my chin, and her knees tucked up underneath her. I felt horrible that she was so ill, but she's so active now, exploring everything, that I must selfishly admit that I enjoyed the close time.