Friday, March 03, 2006

Baby Gourmand

Nutmeg has discovered condiments and other food enhancers.

This coincides with a "good eater" phase, and no matter how many times the books tell you not to obsess over how much your child ingests, no mother's heart is unwarmed a child shoveling in the pancakes, then stopping to growl, "More budder. More syrup." Especially when that 22-month-old child weighs barely more than some of your friends' newborns.

She asked me for a red pepper today, remembering that we had had part of one with salad the other night. She devoured that salad, stopping halfway through to demand "more white stuff." Oh yes, she is a sophisticated baby. Other things she requests by name: spinach, broccoli, salmon, mushrooms.

The kitchen is also where she has started figuring out that things have an order. "Peanut butter goes with jelly," she informed me solemnly last week. Later, she saw my electric toothbrush plugged in in the kitchen, because the outlet in the bathroom mysteriously stopped working. "That thing goes in the bathroom," she told me.

The biting of poor Eliot has continued unabated. Actually, I want to make an announcement: The blog character formerly known as Eliot will henceforth be referred to as "Booja," which is his favorite made-up, all-purpose word. A couple weeks ago Nutmeg made up a song for him, to the tune of "Twinkle, Twinkle":

Booja, booja, booja boo
Booja, booja, booja boo
Booja booja booja boo
booja booja booja boo
Booja, booja, booja boo
Booja booja booja boo.

But anyway, it's gotten the point where I gave her a high-five today just for going a whole 8 hours without biting Booja.

"Did she bite him?" was the first thing I asked when I walked in the door.
"No! Only pushing," La Nanny said proudly.

High five!