Saturday, February 18, 2006

You rang, master?

While watching the Olympics with Bertiful the other night, I saw a couple of commercials that creeped me way out to here.

Both were aimed at parents anxious, desperate even, to please their children. One of them showed a sullen pre-teen girl, and then suggested that the viewer would do anything to see her smile. A fun family cruise, the announcer suggested, will get you that smile. The other ad showed a dorky looking, perky mom using a laptop to research electronics, because she NEEDED to get the PERFECT handheld music device for her son.

The icky feeling I got was from the portrayal of parents as eager servants to their children, an inferior species that was placed here to do their bidding. And that the commercials were so blatant in presenting this as the natural order of things.

Poor Nutmeg. Maybe she'll be the only kid at her middle school whose parents don't feel guilted into buying her the new 3D smellovision IPod. Or maybe we'll get converted into consumer zombie parents too somewhere down the line. Poor Nutmeg, indeed.

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Anonymous said...

I haven't seen commercials in ages! It's the nice thing about having a DVR.