Monday, February 06, 2006

That Magic Moment

Ever have one of those moments where the one you love says something and his voice, the way he holds his head, everything reminds you how you first fell in love with him? And your stomach flutters, and you fall in love just a little bit more than ever before despite the weight he's put on and despite the fact that there hasn't been that spark between you for quite awhile?

That happened the other night to me and John Cusack. Ah, light of my life, fire of my loins, John. Cu. Sack. Kay (aka KayMommy) and I were watching "Must Love Dogs," a so-called romantic comedy built on such a flimsy plot that I nearly crashed through to the floor several times while watching it. John looked heavy and jowly, as he has since "High Fidelity," and there was only one real moment where both Kay -- a fellow pretend girlfriend of John Cusack -- and I both sighed whiny teen-age girl sighs and cried out his name, simultaneously.

It was in the last scene, where Diane Lane for pretty much no reason swims across a short distance of water to get to a boat John Cusack's rowing. When she gets in his boat, and tells him there's something she wants to talk to him about, he leans toward her, leans on both his hands, and concentrates on her face. And he says, "What's up?" That's it. But he says it in that special, John Cusack, "There's some broken glass" way that makes you know that one of these days you're going to be dripping wet somewhere and John Cusack is going to take off his coat and wrap it around you, and you will be well taken care of.

Like many couples, Epu and I have a tacit agreement that if we should ever have the chance to have a fling with our favorite celebrities, wedding vows are temporarily suspended. However, I have not told him that when the John Cusack coat-wrapping scenario finally does occur someday, John and I will probably have to get married. Honestly, though? I think Epu will understand. After all, he will probably get Neve Campbell as a consolation prize.


Kori said...

Here are the reasons I love this post:

1) While the bean was napping yesterday, I got wrapped up in Say Anything, and I was reminded once again of my adoration for Mr. Cusack. Who can deny him in his teenage angst with Peter Gabriel's best love song playing in the background?

2) You quoted the beginning of one of my favorite

3) You speak of his "special, John Cusack" way of talking. Oh, yes....speak to me, John.

Hillary said...

I knew there was a reason our paths have crossed. Ask Kori, and she will tell you I have had the same obsession with John since she has known me.

Maybe we should start a club?

Carrie said...

Hmm, why does the "Girls who love JC club" sound like something out of "Saved"?

How about "Happily Married Moms Who Would Gladly Throw It All Away For Five Minutes With John Cusack's Coat Wrapped Around Our Shoulders"? HMMWWGTIAAFFMWJCCWAOS -- that's catchy!

Hillary said...


i am still laughing at that one! i love u guys. can we live next door to each other in our next lives?

True Mama said...

Too funny -- John Cusack is my top "free pass" in my marriage, too. I've loved him since "The Journey of Natty Gann." Sigh.