Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Nutmeg doesn't like sequels either

This evening we went to Borders to pick out a congratulations card and a sympathy card (yeah, poignant combination, and no, not both for the same person). Of course we hit the children's section first. They had a display rack of Dr. Suess, so I picked up one I've never read before -- "The Cat in the Hat Came Back" -- and read it to Nutmeg. I wasn't too impressed, but, well, "The Cat in the Hat" sets a pretty friggin' high standard.

Partway through, Nutmeg interrupted me, pointing to the original "Cat" on the rack.

"How bout the real one?" she asked.


I had been feeling like it was a pretty good day for moms in the media. For one thing, I saw that Dr. Sears has extended his advice column franchise into Working Mother magazine, and I liked very much what he told one working mother in my freebie copy that I picked up at work. The problem, the mom wrote, was that her baby was waking up more frequently to nurse at night since she went back to work. Now, most parenting magazines will tell you how important it is that you get that kid sleeping 12 hours asap or your career will be ruined. But Working Mother allowed Dr. Sears to tell her: That's what little dudes do. And of course, try co-sleeping, wake up Dad's lazy ass, etc.

But then. Then we went to Safeway after Borders, and it was there that I saw this month's cover of Details. Not even Patrick Dempsey on the cover could distract me from the heading, way down in the corner, that said, "Is your wife a bad mommy?"

Guys, guys! For years, we publish and devour magazines full of hundreds of ways to drive you crazy in bed, and this is what you give us?

p.s. I can't say my heartache for Michelle is healed, but oh! Sasha! Can't wait for Thursday night.


Kori said...

I can see these headlines on upcoming copies of FHM:

Husbands, learn the 5 best ways to make your wife crazy for baby care!

Men, do you want a lady that's not afraid to do crafts with your toddler? Take our poll!

Sure, she's great in bed, but how is she at getting those kids to nap? Help teach your wife the secrets only nannies and daycare workers know, without her even suspecting your lesson!

Cynthia Sharpe said...

I so totally want to read the Maxim take on this.

(also, hi hi, mind if I put you on my blogroll?)

Carrie said...

Sure, I'd love that. Not sure if u will see this reply, tho.

Anonymous said...

Now I'm curious - what did that article say?

Anyway, love the new picture. What a cute outfit! And I love that Hazel is discriminating about Dr. Seuss.

Carrie said...

yeah, i'm curious too, but it does not seem to be published on the Details Web site. i only got through the set-up in the check-outline. It was like, you hear a thunk and a "wah" somewhere in the house, and your kid is supposed to be in the care of someone you trust -- your wife. Even at that, I was like, ok, get off your ass and take care of your own kid if you don't like the job she's doing. Maybe not every woman is the most qualified person in the family to take on primary parenting.

Kori said...

"Even at that, I was like, ok, get off your ass and take care of your own kid if you don't like the job she's doing."

ROFL. I think that sums it up, completely!

Moxie Mom said...

Not to change the subject here, but I thought I would plug a great mother's magazine. So intelligent, great writing, not too crunchy-granola.
Brain, Child

The only magazine I actually read cover to cover. Brain, Child