Wednesday, February 01, 2006

My diaper bag was on TV

I thought I would be transfixed and horrified by the sight of my dorky self on national television. But actually, I couldn't stop looking at my apartment on national television. In fact, in one shot, Nutmeg's diaper bag can be seen on my kitchen counter. Mommy power, activate! However, my fondest hope, of having some of Nutmeg's artwork make it into a shot, did not materialize.

And, although I cannot get enough of me, me, me this week, here's some of that good Nutmeg humor y'all come for. Tonight, we stopped in the basement before hopping in the car to go buy the many, many national newspapers that followed my story and credited us. OK, OK, this is seriously about Nutmeg! She wanted to drive her Little Tykes Cozy Coupe to the store. I told her we had to drive the big green car instead.

She stuck her lips out in this new pout she has.
"No," she whinedd. "That's not awesome."


Ian Varley said...

Whoa! Dude, that is so awesome! Congrats on being all famous and shit!

That's not un-awesome!

Kori said...

The big green car might not be awesome, but you are! Wow, girl, you are a journalism rock star. We're all so proud and excited for you, especially since your rise to fame involves outing a crazily-spending corporate CEO.

Okay, I have to go to a playgroup now, but then I am coming back and sending this link to everyone I know.

And yeah, I'd totally loan that guy money. He seems so fiscally responsible.

Notta Wallflower said...

All I can see is the story - I don't get to see the video clip. :-/

Congrats, by the way!

Notta Wallflower said...

Okay, I just got it to work, being the technical wizard that I am. Jeez, I wouldn't have even noticed the diaper bag if you hadn't said anything. Plus, you looked good - lavendar is a good color for you. ;-)

Moxie Mom said...

Congrats and job well done!
i'd love to see the video - can't see it though

It's really exciting to "know" a person who does such dynamic work, and yet is so humble. You deserve all the fame and glory out of this.

Thanks, by the way, for all the hugs and support you have been sending my way. it might not seem like i appreciate it, but i do - from the bottom of my heart.